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Central Fire Station / No. 5 Police Station - Wellington & Queen's Road [????- ]

Moddessy writes:

The Fire Station and No. 5 Police Station were co-located at the junction of Wellington St and Queen's Road Central, sometimes referred to as the "Crossroads".

1903 Fire on Queen's Road Central. I think the building in the centre is the No. 5 Police Station.


Photos that show this place



more about the area here: http://gwulo.com/node/6576

Some notes from Offbeat, issue #780:

No. 5 Police Station, in use from 1857, was located at the junction of Wellington Street and Queen's Road Central. It later became the Chief Fire Station of the Fire Brigade and its quarters until the former Central Fire Station in Des Voeux Road Central was inaugurated in late 1921.

Though it is still marked as "No. 5 Police Sta." on this 1924 street-map.

Hi David,

It's on the 1924 map because the new Fire Station on Des Voeux Rd opened in 1926, not 1921. Much as I hate to quibble with the Off Beat writer, all-important primary sources put the opening as 1926. I posted something about this a while ago a few posts down here.

Thanks Adam. Please do your notes give any clue about whether the Police left the building in 1926 too, or if they stayed on after the Firemen moved out?

Regards, David

Sadly no mention of the Police; all the info comes from official Fire Brigade reports. A look through HKGRO annual police reports from the time should mention something though.