Far East Motors, Nathan Road [1934-c.1957]

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26, Nathan Road, on the northeast corner of the junction of Nathan and Middle Roads.

Photos that show this Place


The China Mail, 1950-08-16

Far East Motors granted leave to appeal to Privy Council in tenancy case.

China Mail reports that Soares-Alves Estates, the owner of the site Nathan Road 26, had an eviction order from the Tenancy Tribunal that Far East Mototors had to vacate the respective site.  

The Full Court of Appeal  "granted a stay of execution of the eviction order on certain terms laid down by the Court involving the paying of money to the respondents as security."

Far East Motors vacated the site anyway some time later (couldn't find anything about it in the newspapers).

It looks as though they moved out in phases. Initially they occupied this rectangular plot:

Far East Motors site Middle Road-later site of Ambassador Hotel etc
Far East Motors site Middle Road-later site of Ambassador Hotel etc, by IDJ


The November 1955 1:600 map at HKMS shows the western half of their plot is empty, but the eastern half is still marked "Far East Motors". I think that matches the scene shown here:

1954 Parade - Junction of Nathan and Middle Roads
1954 Parade - Junction of Nathan and Middle Roads, by Eternal1966

The section of the FEM building nearest to Middle Road had also been rebuilt to add a second storey.


The November 1956 1:600 map at HKMS shows the same layout as in 1955, then the November 1961 1:600 map shows new buildings on the old FEM site, "Ambassador Arcade" and "Far East Mansion".