Ambassador Hotel [1960-????]

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Address: 4 Middle Road. Notable Restaurants: Caliph Room, Sung Lounge and Dynasty Room. There was also the Coffee Shop, Lobby Bar, Cellar Bar and The Point After (Cocktail Lounge).

A giant mosaic measuring 143 feet long and 15 feet wide was put up on the side of the hotel facing Nathan Road. 

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Added completion date of 1960:

Near the railway station and close to the more traditional Peninsula Hotel rises the elegant Ambassador Hotel. It stands to the right, at the beginning of Nathan Road, and was opened in 1960; on its right is the block of Far East ...

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The Ambassador Hotel's Barber Shop Price List is reproduced below for reference:

Hair Cut              $4                  Shave             $3                Shampoo    $3              Cream Shampoo     $4

Set                        $5.50            Bleach            $25/45       Tint              $25/45      Facial                         $10

Eyebrow Arch   $3                 Manicure      $4                Pedicure      $9              Massage                    $10

Source: 1960s Guidebook of the Hong Kong Hotels' Association