Cheung Chau Boundary Stones

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During yesterday's gathering a brief chat about the boundary stones in Cheung Chau was brought up.

Here's what I found on the Net.  This group of people already have them mostly figured out.  They have a photo album with maps.

If you have never seen any of these it would seem fit for a day trip following their lead.

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I know where 4 of these are,  (nos 9,11,13,14)  I am sure I can find (nos 8,10,12 which are not pictured but noted on the map).   As for the others, some are in the middle of nowhere.

Hi Davd,

Thanks should be given to the group and Google instead for I was just a kopy kat.

It was among the same group (or groups) that raised the disappearing act of the possible City Boundary #7 stone on Magazine Gap Road a few years ago.  They have also had the Governor's Residence boundary stones figured out.  There are over a dozen of them scattered around the area.

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In a recent visit to the Central Library, I bumped into a book by Dr. Solomon Bard published back in the late 1980's which had a detailed map of all the existing and lost boundary stones in Cheung Chau.  I think it is in the Reference Library, but I could not recall the name of the book.  

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Hi from Cheung Chau,

thanks to the information’s from Gwulo and my local contacts I located and visited 11 of the 14 boundary stones.

I plan to arrange a tour during CNY either on 30 or 31 January for a max of 25 people from 10am to visit all of them which should take no more than 3 hours.

If you interested to join, please PM or visit my Facebook:



Cheung Chau resident 


Well done to track them down! We've only got pages for five so far (see…) so if you can add any more they'll be gratefully received:

I've shared your event on Gwulo's Facebook page, so hopefully that will send some more people along.

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Fyi, my Cheung Chau Boundary Stone CNY tour was a great success thanks to all who joined and supported me on this adventure.

I learned a few new things as well, for example that the small numbered stones around BS 3 are graves from people without family, there was a single woman pig farming association at Sai Wan, the daughter of the abounded jungle house near BS 6 is a FB friend of Mr. Luk. Please read her comment sand replies when she saw the pictures. I’m looking forward meeting her one day.

In case there is interest for Gwulo members to visit the stones in a group on a weekend before summer starts I’m more than happy to lead you. 

Here are some Facebook pages who shared pictures and extra information about yesterday’s adventure.

Footprint of Cheung Chau: 小城故事之《貓王漢斯初四界石探秘之旅,緊張刺激披荊斬棘攀山涉水》                       

Mr. Luk                        

Mr. Basil                        

Miss Suki

Mine, Hans:

Dear Gwulo members,

I was invited to be part of the Cheung Chau Wave Festival (1-3 Dec) to do another Cheung Chau Boundary Stone tour on Sunday 3rd of December from 9:30 to 1pm.

Meeting point is 9:30am at the entrance of Cheung Chau Fisheries Joint Association Public School ( ) on Tung Wan road.

Depending on participance walking speed, it will take about 3-4 hours and we will see or at least be very close to 11 of the remaining stones.

As 3 of them are on private ground, we may not be able to access them, but I can give you tips how to do so during weekdays or individually if you a bit naughty.

Some of the stones are deep inside the jungle, so please wear good shoes, long pants and sleeves and bring water and mosquito repellent.

For booking please contact: , for ticket sales ($160) use online!/4314/4314-a05464d6b7b73c2ccbe7c69bbcfdaaf68b872282 or pay after the tour at the Nepal house at the Praya. I will show you where it is, right next to my favorite Indian restaurant on the island where we all can have a fabulous and well deserved lunch together.

Please note that I volunteered and don’t get paid at all, ticket fee is to cover the cost of organizing and running the festival on a nonprofit basis.

If you join the tour, all activities are on your own risk, the tterrain ranges from paved and dirt roads to jungle with thick undergrowth. There is a chance that you get scratches, twist your leg, eaten alive by mosquitos or come face to face with some of our local snakes and dogs.

At times it is not a walk in the park and more of a bit of an adventure to say at least.

For more information please visit:


Official Website:

Watch the official trailer is here:

I will get 5 free tickets to give away which I would give to the first 5 Gwulo members responding to this post with their names.

Finally, there might be a film crew from Visible Record (采風) documenting the tour which is part of the 長洲誌 Cheung Chau Diary series.

Official trailer:  

So you may have the chance to come a Star behind the Boundary Stones.

Hope to see and meet some of you on Sunday 3rd of December 9:30am.



Dear Gwulo members,

Just to let everyone know that our historic Cheung Chau Island police station will have open days from tomorrow Friday to Sunday from 10-4pm. March 29/30/31 2019

The Commander kindly invited me to be a “Human Book” to talk about the 15 Boundary Stones which I have visited 11 of them.

Entry is free and no bookings necessary but please pray for no or at least little rain.

I have free maps and books to share and the Sai Yuen Farm gave me (limited amount) of discounted tickets ($24) if you want to visit Stone No1.

Ask for Hans and say Hi to me. I will be inside where the canteen is.

There will be a very nice Flash Mop tomorrow and Saturday 11am at Tung Wan Square.

For more information please visit:

警隊175周年活動 • 長洲警署開放日】



Time to plan where to go in the next weekend.  I have sorted it out for you.

Cheung Chau Police Station will organize an open day from 29-31 March. There will be a lot of activities.  Watch our video and know more details.

#HKPconnecting #hkpolice #cheungchau #openday #完全免費

警隊 FB 連結:


警隊 Twitter 連結:

Hi guys,

This map shows there are 9 remaining boundary stones on Cheung Chau but you guys are saying 11. Can someone please tell me which two are still there which are marked as missing from the map? Thank you very much.