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yung yung bee shui (I try to translate it to English)

Hi David, how are you doing?  I try to look for a place called 'yung yung bee shui' in Cantonese.  I try to translate it to English as best as I can.  Do you have any idea where it is today.  My mom told me that this old building still exists.  Would you mind sedding some light?  Greatly appreciate your help.  Thanks again.  Mark.


Hi there,

Are you talking about the Dragon Inn near Tuen Mun?  If it is so the name in Chinese is written as 容龍別墅。  The site had been re-developed into a private housing estate called Dragon In Court, but the original building had been preserved.


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Thanks very much for the info.

I heard the wrong translation from my mom!  It's the place i'm looking for.  My dad was the architect.  Going to HK tomorrow.  Try to line up all those places I've never been before.

Incidentally, do you have a pic of the inside dome of old Lee Theatre.  I vaguely remember there are small pot lights up there....

Again greatly appreciate your help!


I would love to see some pictures of the old Lee Theatre also.  Miss that grand old lady.

What we have (not much) is over here.

TX for the pics David!