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19 Middle Gap Road [1984- ]

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This is HSBC's current taipan house at19 Middle Gap Road.  I don't know the date of completion, but HSBC acquired it for $4,300,000 in 1973 from American Express. 

The picture below shows No. 19 (red brick house w/ three chimneys).  The other three houses are what is now 28 Middle Gap Road (House A, B, C).  Can someone provide a picture of the old Mobil Oil house at No. 28?   



Previous address: 565, The Peak.

Taken from c.1938 map.

I've set the completion date to 1984, as given at https://bmis.buildingmgt.gov.hk/eng/showbuilding.php?id=29460

Given that HSBC purchased the residence from American Express in 1973, one has to assume it was either demolished and rebuilt or extensively renovated.

I wonder if there are any photos of the residence pre 1973?


One option would be to compare aerial photos of the area in the 70s and 80s, available at the SMO.

regards, David


I think the house was rebuilt completely after the bank bought it in 73.  I have read in the newspapers that the house is typically remodeled when a new taipan takes residence.  Based on pictures from the late-1990s up until 2010, the exterior looked the same.  Recent pictures show the house was remodeled and the exterior is a cream yellow stucco. 

Sir William Purves apparently (again based on a newspaper article I saw) did not like Skyhigh on Pollock's Path and decided to use 19 Middle Gap as his residence.  Since he became chairman in 1986 from Lord Sandberg, it would make sense if this house was rebuilt in 84.

There was also an executive apartment in the HSBC headquarters in Central - has anyone ever seen a picture of it?

Many thanks Compradore. I believe the basic structure has probably remained the same with naturally remodelling etc over time. I believe there was a tennis court prewar.

Compradore, I've created a "place" 565 The Peak.  Could you edit this "place" to show 565 as a previous place ?  Thanks.