Antonio Simplicio GOMES [????-1921]

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Antonio Simplicio
Died in (country)
Hong Kong
Cause of death
heart disease

Dr. A. S. Gomes was 77 years of age and spent the greater part of his life in Hong Kong. Leaving Macao at an early age, he came to Hong Kong and completed his medical education in London and Edinburgh. He found considerable success as a practitioner and made a wide circle of friends. In 1894, he retired after making a fortune by speculating in shares. Since then, he devoted himself to charitable causes both in Hong Kong and Macao. 

Dr. Gomes gave generous assistance to the Kowloon Rosary Church, Italian Convent, Wanchai Hospital of the Convent, St. Anthony's Orphanage at West Point and other deserving institutions. In Macao, he made significant contributions to the enlargement of the Orphanage of the Immaculate Conception and St. Raphael's Hospital.

He was decorated by the Government of Macao with the knighthood of the Order of Christ in recognition of conspicuous service to the Portuguese community and received the Order of St. Gregory from the Pope.

In the 1900s, Dr. Gomes resided in Gomes Villas  in Chatham Road. The buildings were probably named after him.


(1) China Mail dated 23 August 1921 and Hong Kong Telegraph dated 24 and 25 August 1921.

(2) Twentieth Century Impressions of Hong Kong, Shanghai etc., published in 1908

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Probate Calendar UK

Antonio Simplicio Gomes of 3 Austin Avenue Kowloon died on or about 23 August 1921. Probate to Juliana Maria Fonseco Gomes widow and Helena Maria Gomes spinster.

UK and Ireland Medical Directory

Antonio Simplicio Gomes  L.R.C.P. Edinburgh 1867, L.F.P.S. Glasgow 1867, M.C.R.S England 1867

Find a Grave shows another Antonio Simplicio Gomes born 1915  and died 25 December 1950 [his son?]