Star Ferry Terminal, TST (3rd generation) / Kowloon Public Pier [1907-c.1956]

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This replaced the previous pier on this site, which was badly damaged in the 1906 typhoon.


  • 1907: The previous pier extended out into the harbour. To avoid the pier being damaged by future typhoons, the remains of the old pier were demolished and this new one was built, with ferries mooring parallel to the shoreline.
    Item 32, PWD AR 1907:
    The Kowloon Star Ferry Pier which was severely damaged during the Typhoon of the 18th September, 1906, was entirely reconstructed on a new plan, being arranged for the ferry steamers to go alongside parallel with, instead of at right angles to, the quay wall.
    1907 Kowloon Star Ferry
    1907 Kowloon Star Ferry, by moddsey


  • 1914: The Star Ferry moved a short distance south to a new, larger pier and terminal building - the 4th generation. As this pier was then vacant, it was converted to become a public pier. You can see the new arrangement on the 1920 map.
    Item 74, PWD AR 1914:
    Tsim Sha Tsui Wharf—Re-arranging and adapting Old Star Ferry Wharf as a public wharf including provision of 3 stairways, new seats, etc., and repairing and painting the whole of the iron and woodwork above low-water level, $8,686

  • 1930s: A view of this pier in the foreground, and the next, 4th-generation Star Ferry pier beyond it.

    1930s Kowloon Star Ferry and KCR Terminus
    1930s Kowloon Star Ferry and KCR Terminus, by moddsey


  • c. 1956: This pier and the 4th-generation Star Ferry pier were demolished to make way for the much larger 5th-generation Star Ferry pier - the one we see today.

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