C. E. Warren & Co. Ltd Works Department [????-1941]

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Jill notes the company was wound up in 1941:

Leslie Warren wound up the company in the summer of 1941. In his last letter from Hong Kong to his family on 2nd May 1941 he writes: You people must be awfully fed up with the conditions, but it looks as though you’ll have to stay in England now. I’m so sorry you are not in Australia with the Evacuées. Well, you’ll  be wondering what is going to happen to me with the firm closing down. Well we gave up our Town Office two days ago & moved down to Wanchai, and, as soon as all the Stocks and Property have been sold, everything will be finished..

In the 1940s the Hong Kong Funeral Home was at this site (see https://gwulo.com/node/56417). I'm not sure if they had just re-purposed the old CE Warren building, or if they built a new building on the same site.

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