Rainstorms in Hong Kong

Submitted by Klaus on Mon, 06/27/2022 - 23:13

Since its early days, Hong Kong has been hit by rainstorms that caused severe damages. In this timeline events with extraordinary rainfall are listed that were not in connection with typhoons.

Events on this timeline:

Year Details
1889 1889 Rainstorm
1889 Pedders Wharf (after storm 2).jpg

Total Rainfall: 33".11 = 840 mm (in two days) with maximum hourly rainfall of 3.35" = 85 mm.

Dozens of landslides occurred, the severest damages were at the Albany Nullah and the Glenealy… read more

1926 1926 Rainstorm

Total rainfall: 534.1mm, with maximum rainfalls of 100.7mm in 1-hour, 430.6mm in 6-hours, and 526.7mm in 12-hours.
Deaths: Appx 7

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1966 1966 Rainstorm
Knee deep in Central-1966

Total rainfall: 495 mm

Deaths: 64

Source: http://www.hko.gov.hk/publica/gen_pub/WeatheringTheStorm-2.pdf… read more