Green Jade - Tsing Bik Villa (青碧別墅) [????-1986]

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I believe this was Green Jade (Chinese name: 青碧 -- Tsing Bik), the villa of the late Dr. LI Shu-fan, member of the Legislative Council and long-time head of the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital.  In his autobiography Hong Kong Surgeon (and I am quoting from the 2019 Chinese edition), he mentioned that he spent twenty years building and perfecting the villa.  It was built in an Eastern palatial style, facing Castle Peak on a 3.5 acres of land atop a 100-foot hill.  The villa was surrounded by the sea on three sides, and the distinguishing features include a man-made cave with Italian marble as floor, artificial stalactites, statues and a fountain inside.

In another comment, I mentioned Dr. Li's residence White Jade on Hong Kong Island, and wondered where his villa Green Jade was.  Now I think I have the answer.  The photographs of its demolition are a surely a sorry sight.

Hi philk,

Thank you for updating the title of this page.  I am not sure about the build year.  From the maps on, there was no building on the map "1952.1" (1:20000), but there was a building on the map "1957" (1:25000).

Thanks to IDJ for uploading two photos of the description of Green Jade in Dr. Li's memoirs.