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South Conduit, Shing Mun Valley Scheme [1926- ]

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The conduit was part of the first section (phase) of the Shing Mun Valley Scheme. It is marked (G) on the map below, connecting the North Tunnel (F) to the South Tunnel (H).

1928 map of the Shing Mun / Golden Hill area
1928 map of the Shing Mun / Golden Hill area, by Admin


The conduit was finished in 1926 and water first flowed along it on 24 Dec 1926. The construction is described in item 164.g of that year's PWD Annual Report:

South Conduit.—This Conduit has a total length of 2,000 ft. and has been constructed of 8 to 1 cement concrete throughout.

Its inside dimensions are as follows:—

Width at invert                                          3' 6"
Width at overflow level                             6' 6"
Height of overflow above invert                4' 0"
Height of path level above overflow level     6"

A 2 span reinforced concrete bridge carrying the Conduit and footpath was constructed across the stream from Smugglers Pass. More work than was anticipated was found necessary owing to the mass of loose boulders comprising the stream bed.

The Conduit has been provided with suitable overflows, sand pits and washout pipes, and has a uniform fall of 1 in 1,600.