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Telegraph Bay [????- ]

This was where several of the international telegraph cables landed on Hong Kong Island, giving it its name. The bay has since been reclaimed, and now houses the Cyberport development.

Photos that show this place


I appeal to the collective knowledge of clan Gwulo:

Can anyone confirm that the undersea telegraph cable that ran from Hong Kong to Saigon and Singapore during the war years came ashore at Telegraph Bay?  I assume this was the case, but I would like to know for certain.

Also, I assume the cable was laid before the war.  True?  And if so, by what firm?


--Steve B.

The 1952 map above,, shows Singapore as one of the destinations, which I guess was also the case in the war years. (Confirmed, the "Map 1945" at shows the same labels.)

Not sure of the company though. Oh, a quick Google search shows we have the answer!

Regards, David