31 Jan 1945, Diary of George Gerrard in Stanley Internment Camp Hong Kong | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

31 Jan 1945, Diary of George Gerrard in Stanley Internment Camp Hong Kong

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Wed, 31 Jan 1945

We have had a respite from air raids since the calamity of the 16th January. The funeral of the victims took place the next day and all were buried in one large grave side by side.

The Jap newspapers contain virulent writings against the Americans and give fantastic figures of the causalities amongst the Europeans and also said that the markings of the camp were clearly defined and that while crosses were placed all over the camp and its boundaries, absolute lies, there has never been a white cross shown anywhere, but it will most likely be given effect to now.

Wanchai got a severe bombing, over 500 houses or dwellings demolished and about 5000 killed. Actually what we have heard is that the Chinese populations were cleared out of these houses from Assent Street  to Bowrington Canal, and Japanese troops occupied them so we hope they got it good and hard.

Things are going on here as per usual, but we live in great hope that now the Philippines schemozzle is going so well, it will be our turn next. Possibly the collapse of Germany will come first and then it is most likely Japan will pack in. We hope so. 

Thanks a whole lot for your wonderful Red Cross letter of 24/1/44 which was very cheery and I'm so glad you were still happy in your job, also that you had met Mrs Bob Young. Are you now stationed in Edinburgh Nell. I hope you like it all right.