St. George's House [????-????]

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Demolished / No longer exists

St. George's House

History of IL 1875 lot:

Leased to Martha Lyen in 1911 for 75 years/renewable another 75 years.

1920 Leased for 5 years to Jacob John Lossius and Agnes Mary Lossius.

1927 Leased for 5 years to Frances Evalyn Cameron.

1951 probate will of Edward Maurice Raymond, who died in Sydney and had a Jewish funeral. (Obit: RAYMOND Fdward Maurice-February 16 1948 at a private hospital Rosebery late of Hong Kong dearly beloved husband of Emma)

1949 - Acquired by Zetland Hall Trustees - read more

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I asked Brian Coak if he knows whether St. George House survived WW2 or was damaged in the fighting / bombing. He kindly replied:

The old 1865 Zetland Hall received bomb damage by American bombers in 1944. After the war two ZH Trustees purchased the St. George's Hotel and then offered the site to the ZH Trustees at cost for a new Masonic building. I assume the building at the time was standing but may have had some war wear and tear. I do not know how the Japanese used the building. At a meeting on 7 July 1947 the purchase and sale was announced stating the assignment of the old Zetland hall site to the HK Electric Co. had been duly completed, the sale price being HK$900,000. The purchase price of the new site on 1 Kennedy Road and the amount due for legal expenses left HK$775,000 remaining a sum towards the erection of the new ZH. The Foundation Stone was laid with traditional Masonic ritual as planned 2 April 1949 and dedicated on 30 January 1950.

HK Daily Press 2 April 1927

A new hotel, known as the St George Hotel will be open on 10 April by Miss F E Cameron (former proprietress of the Carlton Hotel on Ice House Street).

The main building consists of two attached 2-storied houses (No. 2 and No. 4 Kennedy Road) of 6 rooms each, 3 on each floor. The ground floor of the houses are connected by an archway but upstairs, the 3 roomed suites are entirely separated and have independent stairways leading to the common corridor below. Two spacious connected dining rooms with glassed-in verandahs facing the harbour are situated on the ground floor of the main building. The other rooms are all comfortably furnished as bedrooms with lavatory and bathroom close at hand.