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Jacob Johan LOSSIUS (aka Iacob) [1853-1942]

Jacob Johan
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1900s: Benicek writes that:

[I have a photo which] depicts Captain Lossius and his wife aboard the SS Kinshan. [...] I have uploaded them here: http://flic.kr/p/cazYkj

I assume that JJ Lossius and his wife Agnes are the same couple listed (on your website) as a residents of St George House in 1920. They must also be the same Lossius and wife Agnes buried in Happy Valley, though the name on the headstone is IJ Lossius, not JJ. I suspect Jacob reverted to the Latin form of his name, as  this is the form he used in an article he wrote for a 1907 Christian Scientist article.

A 1913 Jurors List shows him working as Assistant Superintendent  of the  P. M. S. S. Co, and living at St. George‚Äôs House.

In 1920 St George's House was leased to him & his wife for a further five years.

He died in 1942 and is buried in the Hong Kong Cemetery. The gravestone is inscribed:

In/ loving memory/ of/ Helen Maud Potter/ born in Liverpool, England/ died in Hongkong/ 14th February 1914/Agnes Mary Potter Lossius/ July 23rd 1938/Captain I. J. Lossius/ died 16 Feb. 1942#10064 #8004 #9767


A Christian Science religious article written by Captain Lossius in 1907. Interesting description of the 1906 typhoon. About three quarters of the way down the page, entitled 'testimonies of healing':


Jacob Johan Lossius married Agnes Potter in 1877 in Liverpool.

Thanks for the extra information. I'd been wondering why he wasn't in Stanley Camp with the other Europeans, but the Norwegians weren't interned immediately.

Regards, David

Agnes Mary LOSSIUS nee POTTER was the daughter of James and Marion POTTER. Born in 1855 in Woodchurch, Cheshire, she is shown on the 1881 census (www.ancestry.co.uk) living with her parents at 41 Jolliffe Street, Toxteth Park, Liverpool. She is described as married and a mate's wife. Her husband is not with her. Father James was a master builder and both he and her mother were born in Scotland
Andrews Newspaper Index Cards on www.ancestry.co.uk has a record of her birth -
Agnes Mary POTTER daughter of James POTTER, a plasterer (journeyman) and Marion POTTER formerly WILSON born 8.8.1855 at Oxton (S.D. Woodchurch).


www.findmypast.co.uk has a record of Jacob's White Star Line Officer service
Jacob J. Lossius
69 Keble Road, Bootle (crossed out)
c/o Occidental and Oriental SS Co. San Francisco
Nationality: Norwegian Christiansund
Date of Birth Sept 17 1853
Years at sea before entering O. S. N. Co. 16
Certificate : Masters
Commission in R.N.R None
Introduced by: Captain Fawcett
Apprenticeship served with : Parelius and Lossius
Antecedents 1 1/2 years A.B. , 2 1/2 years Mate (Norway), 2 1/2 years Master (Norway), 1 7/12 years 1st Mate (British Sailing Vessel), 1 10/12 years 4th, 3rd and 2nd Officer (Leyland Line), 10/12 year 3rd and 2nd Officer (Clan Line), 7/12 3rd Officer (Alfred Booth).

Date and Rank in first service of O.S.N. Co.
July 25 1885 4th Officer
Dec 21 1887 3rd Officer
June 27 1888 2nd Officer
July 3rd 1889 1st Officer

Aug 93 ordered to be discharged.