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Gwulo's 2015 Top Ten

A look at the most popular pages that appeared on Gwulo in 2015.


#10 - Chinese Christian Cemetery, Pokfulam [1882- ] (7,865 views)

Mostly of interest to family-history researchers, this page has a brief history of the cemetery and how to find details of people that were buried there.

Pokfulam cemetry.jpeg
Pokfulam cemetry.jpeg, by Andrew Plumbly for SHP


Read about the Chinese Christian Cemetery, Pokfulam


#9 - 1960s: Views along the tram line (8,006 views)

Re-live a tram ride through 1960s Hong Kong, with this sequence of photos taken at various locations along the route. Trailer trams were in use at the time - see how many you can spot:

Mid-1960's Des Voeux Road C2
Mid-1960's Des Voeux Road C2, by Eternal1966


See the 1960s views along the tram line


#8 - Started 1920, pg 15-40 (8,176 views)

We'd got as far as 1920 in 2015. Now we're up to 1934 - if you can spare a half-hour, please help us finish off the 1934 list by typing up a page


#7 - Robert CUNNINGHAM (aka Bert) [1900-1977] (8,639 views)

Marion Allan wrote in to ask if readers could give any information about her father Bert, who was a policeman in Hong Kong and spent the war years interned in Stanley Camp. The long thread of comments that follow uncovered several surprises, including the details of Bert's first wife.

Robert Cunningham with police dog Vicky
Robert Cunningham with police dog Vicky, by Marion Allan


Read about Robert CUNNINGHAM (aka Bert) [1900-1977]


#6 - oldest pub in hk? (9,272 views)

The discussion meanders between what was Hong Kong's first pub and what is the oldest pub still in operation, with occasional philosophical diversions to consider what really is a pub?

Which is the oldest pub in hk?


#5 - Ruins at Mount Austin (9,492 views)

This page began when Cfzjon wrote in to ask about a ruin on Mount Austin that he remembered from playing there in the 1960s. Children at the time called it 'Grey Walls'. The page ends with intrepid contributor gw going exploring in the bushes to find what's left of the site, and exploring in the history books to find its story.

the front wall
the front wall, by gw


Read about the Ruins at Mount Austin


#4 - 1954 Summer holidays - arriving home on BOAC (10,654 views)

The Lollipop Special and the Junior Jet Club - memories of summer flights home to Hong Kong from boarding school in the UK.

BOAC arrival
BOAC arrival, by Alison.


Read 1954 Summer holidays - arriving home on BOAC


#3 - 1941 Jurors List (12,680 views)

We'd been working steadily through the years of Jurors List, but I decided to skip ahead and add this one myself. First, I was in a hurry to get the 1941 list online, as it is a great resource when researching men who were POWs or internees in 1942-45. Second, I wanted to try optical-character-recognition (OCR) to convert the scanned pages to text, to see if it was faster than our current manual method. It was fast, but there were so many mistakes that after making all the corrections there wasn't any real benefit to it.

Look at the 1941 Jurors List


#2 - 1957-8: Andrew Suddaby's photos (15,092 views)

This page shows over 200 photos that Andrew, a regular contributor to Gwulo, took in 1957 and 58. He was in Hong Kong at that time with the RAF as part of his National Service.

Central, Connaught Road and Law courts
Central, Connaught Road and Law courts, by Andrew Suddaby


Central, Queens Road
Central, Queens Road, by Andrew Suddaby


Kennedy Town, Dragon boat races
Kennedy Town, Dragon boat races, by Andrew Suddaby


See Andrew Suddaby's photos from 1957 & 1958


#1 - Seeking info on "lost" Hong Kong artist painter (29,557 views)

This page has become a place where people who own paintings signed F C Cheung or C Cheung can share information and photos of their paintings.

003.JPG, by BBtassy


Read Seeking info on "lost" Hong Kong artist painter


If you'd like to see more of the top pages from 2015, here's the full list.