Seeking info on "lost" Hong Kong artist painter

Submitted by Pierre on Sat, 01/31/2015 - 23:50

Greetings from Canada,

You might be our last hope as you are located directly in Hong Kong  and I am also hoping your readers might help us too, in order to find information about Mr. F. c. Cheung or C. Cheung (At an earlier stage of his life). We have eight oil paintings we strongly believe to be from the same man. Three earlier ones signed "c. cheung" and five later signed "F.c. cheung". It seems most all of his work is known of his later 1960 to mid 1970's signed "F.c. cheung" paintings mostly all on canvas. A few are for sale right now in small art galleries in Hawaii and England. Once in a while a private sale occurs on the internet. The style of painting is called ABSTRACT REALISM.

After alot of personnal research on the internet, contacting some private owners and contacting art galleries, even trying through the Chinese Embassy for Canada which we had no reply, this is what we currently know about this undeservingly obscure man:

Born in or around 1900 ~ 1910 (Presumed deceased at this time), he lived all his life in or near Hong Kong. He apparently painted for at least 50 years. All his know work subjects are scenes of the Hong Kong harbour and chinese junks. He was very productive and his work was picked up by many English art exporters for their simple beauty. It is rumored some of his works were exposed in a good gallery in South England in the 1960's. His work was sold in North and South America, Great Britain and Australia that we know.

This was on the back of an Fc Cheung painting (Not one of ours).Did Cheung share a Gallery with a Chau?:

"Blue Sky Arts, manufacturers and exporters of all kinds of best quality original oil paintings, frames, chinese scrolls and art craft."

Shop 140, "Cheung Chau Gallery", Deck 1, Ocean Terminal Shopping Arcade, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Ph # : 3-6779943 (Most likely no longer valid)

There is a reason why this mysterious man's works sold so well; they are simply unmatched in that style and presentation. The attachment photos  do not truly pay justice to these. One needs to see them up close to appreciate them.

My wife and I would very much like to immortalize the work of a great Chinese painter that truly deserves it. We are dedicated in creating a web site where many of our fellow Cheung art appreciators could come and post their own paintings. A website dedicated to C. Cheung/ F.C. Cheung.

Is it possible to locate a death certificate, pictures of the man, remaining relatives or any other information? 

Again we believe he was Born c. Cheung and that later on, in order to help differentiate himself, added the capital "F" to his name. Adding surnames or suffixes In China was popular at that time we know. We might be wrong but the works have too many shared distinctive styles, execution and colours and a signature expert told us that the early "C. Cheung" signatures look like someone just starting to learn to sign his name and that both signatures are very similar and quite possibly from the same hand. We speculate he indeed might have been told at some point (1950's?) to sign his work in English for exporting sales appeal. If no records exists, I would first ask older painters in Hong Kong's art district if they remember F.c. Cheung. We cannot believe this talented and productive artist is destined to total obscurity. He was still painting up until the mid 1970's that we know; surely someone in the art world of Hong Kong still remembers him.


My wife and I and many other proud owners of the late Mr. Cheung's work I am sure, would like to THANK YOU in advance for any help and information you could provide us. In the meantime we are keeping hope we will eventually honour a truly talented Chinese artist who gave many of the world the sights and beauty of a truly exotic place.

Best Regards,



I have uploaded 6 pictures. Just click "view" at images and photos, top left



C. Cheung painting
C. Cheung painting, by Cheung Paintings


C.Cheung painting
C.Cheung painting, by Cheung Paintings


FC Cheung painting
FC Cheung painting, by Cheung Paintings


FC Cheung painting
FC Cheung painting, by Cheung Paintings


C. Cheung signature
C. Cheung signature, by Cheung Paintings


FC Cheung signature
FC Cheung signature, by Cheung Paintings


Hi Pierre,

I don't know much about artists, but a couple of suggestions.

First the style of the two signatures is different. The letters slope left for C. Cheung, but right for F. C. Cheung, and the shape of individual letters are different. They may not be the same person. 

Have you tried contacting the HK Museum of Art?

Maybe they'd know of the artist, or have some leads for you?

Good luck with your search, and please let us know what you discover.

Regards, David

We recently acquired a c Cheung painting in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA and wonder if this is the same painter. 

CCheungPainting1.jpg, by sundownman

I aquired this C. Cheung several months ago at an estate sale in Southern California.. The painting is on canvas over 12-in. X 16-in frame. I too have been trying to aquate origin to early F.C. Cheung. Style is very simular. This has a heavy use of a blade with layering, but also brush with detail. My research is about at the same stage as what you have aquired.

Matt R.

Sundowner Vintage Art


I have found 2 addresses that c. Cheung/F. c. Cheung might have worked at. These are apparently addresses of art studios during the 1960~70's. I am not sure if they still exist today. It is only speculation at this time but these studios apparently had the better commercial artists of that time.

- "Hong Kong Chinese Art Studio", 9 Lau Sin St., Ground floor, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

- (Name unknown), 24B New Miramar Arcade, Kow Loon, Hong Kong.

Thank You.


Found an old thread with info on back of Fc Cheung signed painting:

"Blue Sky Arts, manufacturers and exporters of all kinds of best quality original oil paintings, frames, chinese scrolls and art craft."

Shop 140, "Cheung Chau Gallery", Deck 1, Ocean Terminal Shopping Arcade, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Ph # : 3-6779943

Looks like my mistery man might have had a joint venture Gallery with a certain Chau(?)

Note: I will update my original post as this is an important new find.



I confirm this C. Cheung signed painting to be from the same artist. Although the signature is a bit different and that it's the first one I see in which the artist signed with a thicker brush and used gray instead of black; there are styles that are undeniable. The major one being the "hollow" arm of the fisherman also found on the fisherman in my "Small bay" painting.

It is to note that this privately owned painting of C. Cheung is the closest in subject matter and presentation of any F.c. Cheung works making it possibly more proof that both could be the same artist at different stages.



Hello Pierre Lepine.

Referring your search for Canvas Paintings Artist C. Cheung formerly of Lau Sin Street, Hong Kong. I have been living in Lau Sin Street since 1949 and I am still living there now. According to my memory, in the 1960s to 1970s there is a small photographic studio shop at Golden Court No 9 Lau Sin Street (now a food shop.They displayed family photos on the walls and also some canvas paintings occasionally. Seems Artiist Cheung shared or used this studio in the 1960s. They closed in the 1970s and their subsequent address is unknown.

I believe you can find information about him from this company:

The Hong Kong Chinese Art Studio Ltd

Address:Room B7, 5/F, Block B Proficient Industrial Centre 6 Wang Kwun Road Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong Contact Person: Mrs.Janey Cheng. Tel (852) 2868-9383.…

I am not sure if this company is still operating at present. You can try. That is all the information I can provide at present.

More information about the Hong Kong Chinese Art Studio Limited:

Chinese name: 香港中國畫苑有限公司
Address: Ground floor, 48 Wyndham Street, Central
Telephone: 28689383
E-mail address:


Hi, I have a painting by C cheung which I recently bought from a car boot sale, its 60cms x 60cms and I believe it's in it's original frame, some slight damage to the board at the bck in two corners but no damage to the canvas.

It is an oil painting of a junk with another boat nearby set in a backwater location.

It's really rather beautiful and I am not sure of it's value. I requested some info from an internet auction company called and was informed that the work does show talent and is undeservedly obscure.

I was left with the impression that there was no call for this particular type of art, or maybe he just was'nt famous enough!



Can you upload a picture of your painting here? Better still, send it to my email and we can exchange comments. I have yet another C. Cheung I just found so there seem to be quite a few out there.


Hi Betty,

I do no know which area of Hong Kong this may represent but if anybody would know he/she could possibly be on this site. How big is your painting?  C. Cheung paintings are not worth much on the market because he is unlisted and totally obscure and that his work, although now vintage is still considered Chinese commercial art. This type of colourful impasto work is now picking up interest because of their retro Mad Men chic. I certainly enjoy the work of this talented mystery man so if anybody would give you top dollar for yours it would be me. Can you tell me anything about your visit in 1976 when your purchased it? What setting was it in, was it the studio where it was made? Did anybody talk to you about the artist?  Do you have any documents or any inscriptions on the back of the work?

Thank You

hello my son was left an original painting of a junk by his grandmother earlier this year, are they worth anything as its not the sort of painting my 12 year old is interested in its a large picture of 2 junks

Thank for responding.  This oil painting is 18" x 25".  As mentioned I purchased it in 1976 when I was in Hong Kong.  I believe I bought it on Kowloon side from a young man selling it on the street.  I had been visiting Aberdeen and this painting just caught my eye as it reminded me of Aberdeen.  I love it so much and I look at it every day.  I'm not an art connoisseur, I just buy what I like.   This is about all I can tell you.  


I have 2 paintings that were purchased a while ago. One is signed 'C. Cheung' the other looks like signed 'Jiiling'. They were bought from a second hand shop as a pair and came with same frames. I live in Sydney, Ausralia and I can remember these type of paintings were quiet popular in the 60s and 70's. dont know if the 2 artists together were of any significance! Does anyone know if of any value? Will try to attach photos

I bought a painting for $20Aud several years ago from an op shop in Brisbane, Australia. It depicts a bridge crossing over a waterfall in a sort of Asian aesthetic with some figures carrying water pails across it to some sort of house (as you can probably tell, I am no expert). Recently, I became curious as to its origins, as it is clearly of some quality (it was cheap as the back of the frame is torn, however this did matter to me as the front of the painting is still unharmed). The signature, although faded, is practically identical to the signatures pictured. I've uploaded some pictures if you could tell me what you think? I'm not looking to sell it, I'm quite fond of it, but it would be nice to know a bit more about it. Thanks.

Potential C Cheung Painting found in Brisbane
Potential C Cheung Painting found in Brisbane, by Oscar
Close up of signature
Close up of signature, by Oscar

I bought this painting around 5 years ago for $20AUD in an op shop in Brisbane. If anyone can tell me more about the artist and confirm if it is C Cheung, then I'd be hugely grateful. Thank you.

Hi Pierre, Apologies for delay in sending the picture,  I've finally got round to mastering a different method of sending attachments/images. I think this one is in a better light. The back of the painting has slight damage in one corner, not sure if backing is original, has what looks like buttons.or pin tacks, but the canvas looks pretty good.

Kind Regards


Hi there i have found 2 oil paintings off old boats painted by a MR F.C.Cheang just wonded if you could tell me a liile more about them and maybe tell me what thay might be worth?

003.JPG, by BBtassy

Good day, everyone...

I think both F C  Cheung and C Cheung are two different talented artists. They shared some common stuffs on their work. However I would like to tell of their differences based on the available information and paintings being shown. There are clues for me to go after.

Since one of F C 's paintings was sold from the Cheung Chau Gallery of the Ocean Terminal Shopping Arcade. The shop name Cheung Chau is being the same for the island of Cheung Chau which is also famous as a traditional fisherman island with many chinese junks and boats. Very logical to think the shop owner is a someone from Cheung Chau. Those paintings by F C  do reflect the subjects on this C C island. I myself was once a CC resident over 20 years long time ago. There is a passion revealed by F C Cheung to share his feeling about the sinple and pure beauty of the Junks and Boats of the CC fisherman community, just as I remember even now. F C paints the water surface on a simple style that provides the generous skylight besides the reflections of vessels, a style so distinct and personal too! His painting of sky is always a single tone too without any trace of clouds, not so for C's.

On the other hand, C Cheung's paintings seem to be including the cityview and the Victora harbour. He is a city dweller and he appeared to be like to place more colors to emphasize the complexity of land, sea and sky subjects mix. He seems to try to depict, even very time-consumingly, the beauty of Hong Kong out of his own mind. Another stronger evidence I noticed is the use of green in his  ( C's ) paintings, and F C did not use the same at all. Moreover looking at the setting of their paintings, F C  seems to be a much younger artist who doesn't want to create too much challenges but keeps focus on those simple things he knows best.

Their signatures also tell us something too. F C writes it very proudly. He still has energy to paint more masterpieces. C seems to be at a point, a little bit tired; glad to be done at last!

Of course I just purely speculate based on my artistic analysis.

By the way, Mr. Au, the sales representative of the APL office located at the Ocean Terminal in the late 1960s and 70s was from Cheung Chau too. His parents lived close-by with ours. What's APL? ....Oh yes, American President Line that is. He told me to ask him directly for boarding pass (4 max.) as visitors to say farewell to passenger everytime I want to get on board any APL ocean liner. Maybe he also knows F C Cheung and the staff at Cheung Chau Gallery there too. They're all CC islander, aren't they?

Any questions?




Hello everyone,

If my view so far stands well, let examine the art business on Cheung Chau island at that time. There is a mirror shop called Leung Tak Kee adjacent to the Ko Sing Seafood restaurant, it also does picture or protrait framing with different material types. It's the only shop on CC I know of. We saw oil paintings too on display at the store among other mirror stuffs. Its business seems to be good.

About the same time, we know of a F C Cheung, in the early 20s. Both Mr. Au of APL and F C live in the tiny neighbourhood of Tai Choi Yuen. They probably went to the same government High School. And they must know each other too. We know them well as we must say hello everytime head-ons in the street of CC.

However I would be totally insane should I make claim of this F C Cheung as the search candidate. First of all, the name F C can have numerous represenatation. This one is Fun Chuen. Secondly, I don't know much about his career or talent because we went different schools and never too close enough to remember his personal or social life. One thing may have an impact to encourage him to discover his long neglected talent. That is one of his several cousins, Fun Kern got into Yale University in US. And almost all other cousins went to the US through educational channels.

Make sense?

I don't know.





So far the mystery is not solved yet. Some of my thinking could be a random hit. But the sure thing is all the F C paintings depicting the scenary of Cheung Chau Harbour and the Adamastor Channel  waterway.


So, for good reasons that Mr.Au could be a key person to identify who F C Cheung is.


First of all, Thank You Mr. Lin for your exciting new information. How difficult would it be to track down Mr. Au? Do you think you can solve the Fc Cheung mystery once and for all ?  BTW, my preferred works are from the C. Cheung artist (My favorite, the Hong Kong harbour scene is uniquely beautiful and has a three D effect!) which is even more obscure compared to what little we know of F.c. Cheung so at this time. I don't think anyrhing will ever be found on C. Cheung unfortunately but again your Mr. Au might help, who knows?

I agree with you now that both Cheungs are different persons.

Your research and information is greatly appreciated. Thank You so much again Tung Lin.


Good day Pierre,

As for C Cheung's paintings, the subjects are around the Hong Kong Island. He apparently treasured the transformation of the colony and seemed to make a testimony through his art work in oil paintings. I agree that the grand Victoria Harbour was quite a masterpiece.

The one with a stream is probably around Causeway Bay in the early 1900s when Happy Valley was a swamp with outlet to the harbour via that narrow stream.

The one has a waterfall with higher mountains probably shows the original waterfall at Pok Fu Lam or Aberdeen of south-west Hong Kong of the early colonial decades.

The one has village and hilly scene behind the boats is quite a typical on any fisherman community  around  HK island.

Through the earlier comments by  Watsons, it is very likely C Cheung was able to enjoy the beauty of Hong Kong through the photo business and his love to paint.  If so, there would be lots of lead to undo the mystery because his name should be well-known in that business.

As for Mr. Au,  I have no knowledge about him at all. However some of the  artists on the present day Cheung Chau probably know who F C Cheung is.

Good Luck




We inherited 3 paintings from my husband's step-father. We believe these must have been purchased at the gallery in Southern England. I uploaded 3 images of the paintings somewhere on this site (I hope!) but I would very much like to know what these paintings are worth?


Chinese junks, F.c.Cheung
Chinese junks, F.c.Cheung, by Wilna Parry


2 x F.c. Cheung paintings
2 x F.c. Cheung paintings, by Wilna Parry


F.c Cheung Chinese Junk, Hong Kong Harbour.
F.c Cheung Chinese Junk, Hong Kong Harbour., by Wilna Parry



 The main reason for my research is to hopefully get more information on C. Cheung and Fc. Cheung. Both these China born and based artists (Especially C. Cheung who had more than Junks as subjects) were very talented and created many works that made their way all around the globe. The problem with artwork value is not only the work itself but also who created it and how much history was recorded starting with date of birth and death. We have almost nothing except that they were proficient and talented. The art world is fickle and ruled by elites who will tell you that Asian "for export" works are worthless and while I tend to agree, in my opinion some art is worth more than others irrespective of the provenance or even the intent (Export)...If it's good, it's good.

On Ebay, there was an Fc Cheung for sale for months at around $100.00 US so I would hold on to them for now. Maybe someday China will open to the world and nostalgic Chinese will be able to appreciate good art that was originally made in their homeland.

Good day everyone!

I am still trying to understand the formula or equation to solve the value of a or any painting I really like. It is a true work of a grand master around 1960-80s.

Few months ago, we picked up a nice chinese watercolor painting from the local community centre for just a few  canadian dollars. Obviously, we love to shop here as often as possible! It looks  decades old, and the color does look a bit dull. And I have a real hard time to understand the words and the signature seal from the artist's written line. For centuries, chinese artists used to write words with certain harder-than-ordinary fonts. So I am just a lost head to begin with.  All I can see is those beautiful Peony Flowers are the same style I remember from my father's office. Not really know who the artist was. So I think I can easily sell it at Can$60. Not bad, isn't it?

However few days later, I was able to decipher the signature seal after some brainstormings. The artist was the most famous Peony Flowers Artist among the chinese watercolor artist group in Hong Kong. I would have to pay HK$400 at least to own it in the mid-1960s.

His name is Cheung, Shui Shek. Name of his Studio is Mok Lan Fa Koon.

So what is the fair market price today, without even looking what it is?




I don't know if it's a C Cheung but this unsigned oil on canvas painting that I recently purchased in NZ is a virtually identical composition to Matt R.'s C Cheung.  If anybody can shed any light on my painting I'd be most grateful.

Hong Kong.jpg
Hong Kong.jpg, by Richie

Hi, I lived in Hong Kong from 1969 to 1984. My profession was oil painter making paintings for export for ten years. I started around 1974, in a studio lead by a master who name is pronounced Jiang Wing Sin. I was told Jiang was a reknown artist from China. He specializes in using pallet knife painting of Chinese fishing junks. I have seen only one or two of his paintings when I worked for him. Yes, they looked like your paintings of C Cheung.  But I am not sure. In our time, our studios were really reproduction factories. Our master / leader would paint one landscape. Then all the workers or followers would make copies of it in oil. They were similar and not exactly alike. We even signed the name for the master. So, yes, you will see the same name in different formats or handwritings. There were several hundreds of us in our profession. We might produce up to dozens of small 8X10, or 5 to 10 larger paintings per day. We were paid by the painting. We got about US$3 for a 12X16, material included, in 1980. Local Hong Kong scenes were sold locally.  Other styles and scenes were sold internationally to US, Europe, Australia or even Middle East. After China opened up the labor market in the eighties, this profession has moved up north. Now, there is one city near Shenzhen that specializes in paintings for exports.


So I am sorry I can’t authenticate your paintings or tell you where that artist is now. They might have been painted by one or more painters and copied over and over. They could be painted by him, by his workers, contractors, or imitators. The signature is just generic. I am glad that you enjoy the scene and the technique. I enjoyed them too. I have met many great crafts men in this profession. Unfortunately, they are not considered serious art due to reproduction practices.



It is the reality for Hong Kong 's oil painting industry. Production is above all. In fact, the winners are the buyers, customers  and collectors because they all paid a very fair price. The losers are those hard working artists since they make very little money and no fame, even lack of dignity among the professionals at large.

However, as long as you are happy with 'the' oil painting, what more you need to know?

Enjoy  & Treasure it all times!!!


 The C Cheung paintings seem to be closest to my painting. This is all done in black and white oil. It's much harder to recognize the signature than other Cheung paintings I've seen. This particular painting came out of a closed Long John's Silver Resturaunt!

IMG_3745.JPG, by bigben


IMG_3746.JPG, by bigben
20190203_122323.jpg, by Pauline Tucker
20190203_122338.jpg, by Pauline Tucker

Hello from Australia

I found this page today when researching a painting that I purchased yesterday from a Facebook Buy Trade site in Albany Western Australia. 

The painting is oil on canvas, in good condition for its age with a couple of pieces of missing paint and in what appears to be the original frame.

Lovely portrait.


Thanks Bigben for showing the nice B & W oil painting!

It comes to my attention about the signature shown on  the Black & White oil painting of the oriental boats. The spelling seems to be Cushny which is likely a scottish name.

I am more ready to suggest that the artist is a self-taught oil painter, perhap a westerner living in somewhere of the Asian Pacific region, possibly in the colonial Hong Kong.

BTW signature does not have any shadow of chinese name.

What do you think?