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Gwulo's 2010 Top Ten

A look at the most popular pages from ten years ago.


#10 - RAF Mount Davis [????-1959] (33,416 views)

If I asked you to name a military site on Mount Davis, you'd probably pick one of the Jubilee or Mount Davis Batteries. But Mount Davis was also home to the RAF, as after WW2 they had a team of men operating a radar station there. 

Mount Davis
Mount Davis, by chadwick1


Several of the men who were at RAF Mount Davis in the 1950s have shared their memories and photos with us on this page: RAF Mount Davis


#9 -  David's email address (36,291 views)

This is the the least exciting of all the Top Ten pages, simply:

David's email address

And despite it being viewed over 36,000 times I certainly haven't received 36,000 email messages - which is probably a good thing!


#8 - Steamliners to Macao (37,349 views)

Photos and memories of the ferries that sailed between Hong Kong and Macau, ships like the Tak Sing, Tai Loy, Fat Shin, and Macao.

The launching of m/v Tai Loy
The launching of m/v Tai Loy, by Chris. Chan


Read more about Steamliners to Macao


#7 - Jurors Lists (39,845 views)

Since 2010, volunteers have typed up 50 years of Jurors Lists and posted them to Gwulo, providing a free, valuable resource for researchers.

We use Jurors Lists to find information about people, companies, occupations, and addresses in Hong Kong. I remember how, before we started this project, searches involved slowly looking through the scanned documents, page by page. Now, if you're searching the years we have online, you can get the results in seconds.

The project is still underway, with volunteers Grace and wingcli2015 just finishing off the 1933 Jurors List earlier this week. I hope you'll join us and type up a page once we get started on the list for 1934. If every subscriber to Gwulo's newsletter typed up one page of Jurors List, the remaining lists for 1934-40 would be online in no time.


Read more about Jurors Lists


#6 - Hong Kong under Japanese rule (41,015 views)

This chapter from ACB's History of Hong Kong (see #4 below) covers the "three years, eight months" of the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong.


Read more about Hong Kong under Japanese rule


#5 - The World of Suzie Wong (1960) (44,719 views)

Phil makes the Top Ten again, with another set of film locations. This time he's investigating where The World of Suzie Wong was filmed.

Suzie Wong TST
Suzie Wong TST, by philk


Star Ferry - Central
Star Ferry - Central, by philk


Suzie Wong - Statue Square
Suzie Wong - Statue Square, by philk


Read more about The World of Suzie Wong


#4 - ACB's History of Hong Kong (45,464 views)

Want an enjoyable introduction to Hong Kong's history? Read this!

Andrew Craig Bennett (ACB) tells you what to expect:

This short history of the place known in English as Hong Kong is intended, above all, to be fun to read.

It can claim no sort of historical merit – it is anecdotal, it is discursive, it relies heavily on secondary sources and whilst it does have a few dates, it is woefully short of statistics. It was written for two very different groups of friends who did not know Hong Kong but who wanted a short and readable account of its history – the first group were American and Australian and the second group were Northern Chinese, mostly Beijingers. Both encouraged me to write an account from the only perspective that I can lay claim to – that of an ordinary member of the British expatriate middle class in Hong Kong during the last quarter of the 20th century – but I have tried to illuminate the story by making use of stories and anecdotes from friends who have, or had, a different perspective where possible.


Start reading ACB's History of Hong Kong


#3 - Old Hong Kong newspapers (53,337 views)

Old newspapers are home to all sorts of valuable information. Sometimes I'll have a question in mind, and search the online newspaper archives for answers. Other times I'll just browse the old newspapers to see what surprises turn up.


Read more about accessing the Old Hong Kong newspapers online.


#2 - 1900 Hong Kong question (60,428 views)

This page starts with a question about where wealthy Chinese families would live in Hong Kong at the start of the 20th century, but the discussion in the comments wanders onto the history of some of Hong Kong's well-known Eurasian families. Several comments mention Bruce Lee's heritage, and I guess they are what brought many of the 60,000+ readers to the page.


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#1 - About... (61,170 views)

A brief introduction to the history of, plus links to several newspaper articles and radio interviews about this website.


Read more About...


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