Fountain of the zoological and botanical gardens [1868- ]

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Dear Gwulo,

The Fountain of the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens (HKZBG) is a landmark of the gardens, and of HK with many international tourists visiting the place. I think it is also a terrific witness of the history of water. Let me know if you feel this may be too redundant with the HKZBG gwulo page and would be keen to understand how to make it better.

I am also interested in any additional, historical information anyone can provide.

King regards,




HKZBG 5th generation
HKZBG fountain 5th generation (2010 -present)


The new generation of the fountain comes from a desire to renovate its style ( source offered by CK, #thanks!)


fountain 4th generation 2.jpg
fountain 4th generation (1985-2010)
fountain 2001 .jpg
4th generation (1985-2010)
fountain 4th generation 3.jpg
fountain 4th generation (1985-2010)
fountain 4th generation 4.jpg
fountain 4th generation (1985-2010)

 The 4th generation of the fountain was created after the water supply department noticed cracks of its water tank hidden under the HKZBG terrace.  It seems its multicolor style was advised by a world specialist fountain consultant invited by HK (source)

1970 photo around.jpg
Photo found by CK #thanks ! (renovation work 1984)


19830319 photo.jpg
Photo found by CK #thanks (renovation work 1984)



19840303 photo.jpg
Photo found by CK #thanks (renovation work 1984)
fountain vers 1975.jpg
fountain 3rd generation (1972 -1984)


fountain 50 60s.png
Fountain 2nd generation 1933-1870



Fountain 1952 Billie Love Collection.jpg
Fountain 2nd generation 1933-1870 (1952 Billie Love Collection)

In 1931, Hong Kong decides to bring fresh water from the continent. A part will be stored under the HKZBG. The two original terraces of the gardens and its original fountain will be removed to form only one terrace with a new fountain 2 years later. The fountain moved a bit north from the middle of the second terrce to the center of the new single one.


Water for the barren rock (book extract).png
Pages from the book "Water for a Barren Rock, 2001, Ho Pui-Yin


Slide from the showing the pipeline connecting the water tank under the HKZBG terrace and the continent.



fountain 1910-13.jpg
fountain first generation (1868 - 1931)   photo : 1910-13



Fountain 1900.jpg
fountain first generation (1868 - 1931) Photo around 1900


fountain original design.png
fountain original design, Illustrated London News


Photos that show this Place



Hi Michel,

The fountains are certainly well-known landmarks, and deserve their own page. I suggest you take it a step further and make one Place page per generation of fountain. That way all the photos and information for one generation can be gathered together. I've made one for the 1st generation as an example:

Then you could either keep this page as a summary, or delete it and just rely on the five Place pages to hold all the information.

Regards, David