21 Aug 1943, W J Carrie's wartime diary | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

21 Aug 1943, W J Carrie's wartime diary

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Sat, 21 Aug 1943

 I haven't written all week - I have been a little depressed -  I had such high hopes first that I'd be home for the 31st and then when  that hope passed that at least it would be very soon.  The Yanks seem to have got in first again and the C.S. was informed the other day that a boat would leave Japan on the 15th and after calling at Shanghai, and perhaps elsewhere, be here before the end of September to take Americans and Canadians.  I still have a sneaking feeling that the women and children and perhaps sick men may also get away then; if not then the boat will be back by November for them and perhaps for us all.  So we may be home for Christmas.  I do so hope we are.   We (Govt.) may of course only go as far as India but I think we must have holiday at home before we can tackle  the problems of re-occupation.
We had our I.Q. elections the other day - Pentreath and Bevan stood down and also Miss Ward.  So we had only 4 nominations for 4 seats and voting was unnecessary.  We now have Perdue as Chairman (I declined), Rev Alton as Vice, and  Mackenzie Dow   Saunders (Police) and [?Tully Wood] Sec.   Terry and I are members ex officio as members of the B.C.C. Now elections for that are to be held.  Terry has retired, funked it I think  because Pentreath is standing.  I thought of retiring and consulted the C.S. and as he apparently wants me to stand I consented. The only other candidate is Markar who was a member of the Bolshy B.C.C. at the beginning.  I hope he's not elected. 
Some more of the anti-Govt., and especially anti-Gimson lot are standing for the other Blocks so we may have fireworks in the B.C.C. in future.  The Japs have said that on repatriation we may not take letters with us so how I'm going to smuggle this out D.O.K. but I hope to manage it some way.      All my love.  Billie.