Section No. 6, Praya Reclamation [1903- ]

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This section extended from Wing Wo Street to Pedder Street.

It was reclaimed in two phases, called East and West, with Pottinger Street as the boundary between them. Progress is given in the PWD Annual reports:

Year East West
1894 Contract entered with Tsang Keng. Initial deposits of rubble for sea wall's foundations, but work delayed due to lack of workers on account of plague in Hong Kong.  
1895 Continued laying rubble foundations for sea wall.  
1896 Rubble foundations of sea wall completed. Earth, "brick rubbish", and materials from the dredger were deposited behind the sea wall.  
1897 Rubble foundations of sea wall complete, first two courses of concrete blocks for sea wall in place, and earth being deposited behind the sea wall.  
1898 Delays due to change in design for Pedder Street Pier (that would be named Blake Pier when it was finished.).  
1899 Completed early in the year, since when the building area was made available to the Lot owners. Work begun. Rubble foundations for sea wall in place, and earth being deposited behind them.
1900   Continued work on sea wall foundations.
1901   Courses of concrete blocks added to the sea wall, and additional earth deposited.
1902   Sea wall completed, additional earth deposited.
1903   Completed.

The Marine Lots along the old Praya that faced this new land are listed in the notification no. 301 of the Government Gazette for 6th July 1889. The list is a useful resource as it also shows who owned each of the lots at that time.

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