Enquiry - Evolution of Kowloon City (Lung Shing)

Submitted by Pang Chor Kiu … on Sun, 09/15/2019 - 08:42

Kowloon City (especially the currently Lung Shing constituence) has quite a interesting history. I learnt that the area was previously scattered with several villages and later there is a development of the Kowloon Street (a local market); and then a pier that links to it. The Kai Dak reclamation also took several stages to be completed.

I am quite interested to see the historical maps around the area south of the current Kowloon Walled City Park & Kai Duk AIrport. I tried to search through the internet for the historical maps information but in vain.

I am seeking to you to see if you have any hints about where to find the information about the historical maps that is :)

1. before reclamation (showing location of the original shoreline, village settlement, location of the walled city, the Kowloon Street and the pier)

2. the different stages of the reclamation (showing the location shoreline at different stages of the history)

Hope to hear from you soon!