23 Jan 1942, W J Carrie's wartime diary

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I haven't written for sometime - everything is in a turmoil. I had a row with Macleod too who is ignoring me and trying to keep himself and his family out of internment. Septic has of course succeeded!

My car is still there! I went to the Univ. Yesterday and found Bertie had gone back to Bowen Road Hospital so I ran up there and saw him after tiffin taking letters, pyjamas and some cigs. The day before I drove Dr. Greaves out to Stanley where he has gone into internment. They have taken over Q.M.H. so all the Sisters arrived there at the same time and Prof. Digby. They have closed down the W.M.H. too and now I hear today that everybody still on the Peak are ordered in. I went up the Peak yesterday and brought down the portable wireless to see if we could use it. I can't get any of the boxes down so I fear we shall lose everything but everybody's in the same boat. It would be colossal joss if they missed the hotroom. We can just hope on. I saw Dora again this morning when I took her the chit I got from Bertie yesterday.

I had my second dose of T.A.B. yesterday so I had a rotten night and feel awful today but I'm protected now. We are expecting orders to [missing word] Stanley soon now and I won't be sorry to be quit of [missing word] responsibility - but rations are the bug bear. We can still [missing word] the stuff. 
Cheero Darling    B.

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