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George and Violet Harris stanley interment camp 1944

Hello readers,

Has anyone have any information about G B Harris and Violet Harris in Stanley camp? They have 8 children.

George first son is called Ron. The eldest daughter is Pearl.

Has anyone knows them? I really want to know what happened in the camp? George mum is also in the camp

het name is Ann Harris (Chung).



I have information on a George and Dolores Harris. His mother's married name was Cheung. Dolores was his second wife (after Violet passed away) and they had three sons.

I am not a direct relative. My older cousin living in Melbourne is the only son of a Richard da Silva (my father's older brother) who married Georges sister Hazel just before war broke out. I am in possession of a multi page pdf document written by one of the younger Harris sons (Ted - his wartime memoirs written in 1997) which I would like to post on GWULO to add to it's large collection of wartime diaries but this response does not permit me to attach the document. David,you may be able to advise on this, I have sent it onto Patricia O'Sullivan as the memoirs mention an O'Sullivan family and I thought there may have been a link but I have not heard back from Patricia.

I am in a position to put you in touch with Georges nephew in Melbourne to further your enquiries as Georges children from his first marriage are unknown to me but my cousin may be able to provide you with more information on his first cousins from his mother's side. I believe that Ted's widow is still alive in Melbourne and has given me permission to share Ted's memoirs.

Regards Bob

Hello Bob,

I am so thrilled to know that someone out there knows

about the Harris family. Could you send me a copy of Ted's documents? Where can I locate his wife? I would like

to see her in person. If you can message me privately and give me your mobile no. I would like to see you in person too.


thank you so much,



Hi Judy,

I have just separately sent (tried) pdf to David, it's big, 12.8MB could be Patricia O'sullivan never got it but I have not received any bounced notifications so it's up there somewhere in the clouds. I hope David gets it and if not then maybe he can advise me how to 'shrink' it.

If you gve me your email addy I will give you all the details to connect with my cousin in Melbourne and myself. I am based in Brisbane, Queensland.

Are you a Harris/Cheung descandant?

Regards Bob.

Thanks to Bob for sending over the memoir. I've made a page for it at