Victorina MEJIA (aka Victorina Mejia QUAN) [1902-1997]

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Alias / nickname
Victorina Mejia QUAN
Birthplace (town, state)
San Pedro Sula
Birthplace (country)
British Honduras
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In passenger lists 1945 and 1946 she is recorded as Victorina

She arrived in Liverpool aged 43 with nine children in October 1945  and they were placed in the care of the Deparment of Health. The children listed were Elvia 22,  Irma 20, Antonio 19, Robert 15, Delia Rosa 13, Anna 10, Gloria 9,  Conchita 6, and Ernest 4.

She left Liverpool destination New York in 1946 aged 44 with eight children stating that the place of her intended future residence was British Honduras. Irma was not on the 1946 passenger list. This might have been a clerical error.

On 17th May 1935  a ship from Belize British Honduras arrived in New Orleans USA

Passengers in transit to Hong Kong included

P Antonio Quan merchant age 45 born Canton China Race Chinese

Victorina M de Quan (sic) housewife age 35 born San Pedro Sula British Honduras Race Spanish American

Elvia M Quan student age 11 born Belize Britsh Honduras (abt 1924)

Irma M Quan student age 9 born  Belize Britsh Honduras (abt 1926)

Antonio Quan student age 7 born  Belize Britsh Honduras (abt 1928)

Roberto Quan age 5 born  Belize Britsh Honduras (abt 1930)

Delia Rosa Quan 6 months born  Belize Britsh Honduras (abt 1934)

US Petitions for  Naturalisation Records 3 February 1964

Victorina Quan born 25 March 1905 address 307 West 93rd Street New York City

Florida Death Index   Victorina Mejia Race White age at death 97

Date of birth 25 March 1900 Date of Death  9 December 1997

Place of Death Dade Florida USA