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Red Lion Inn [????-c.1966]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists
Date Place demolished: 
c.1966-01-01 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)

Was located at 15 Hankow Road, TST. Opening and closure dates are unknown, but closure was 1966 latest when Ho Tung Mansions were demolished.


Photos that show this place


The Red Lion Inn probably moved to Lock  Ashley Road after demolition of Ho Tung Mansions. See this photo from 1982:

Hong Kong Ned Kellys Last Stand 1982
Hong Kong Ned Kellys Last Stand 1982, by Spitfire13

The lion looks pretty much the same as it was at Hankow Road.

Ashley Road looking south from the junction with I Chang St. Ashley Mansion (containing Restaurant Osaka) on the left.

The address was 15 Ashley Road.

Hi phil and moddsey,

thanks for correcting me. I originally meant Ashley Road, but for whatever reason I wrote Lock Road. Regards, Klaus

Hi Klaus.The Red Lion Inn was a much-travelled watering hole in TST. Found the following addresses through matchbook covers and the internet:

57 Hankow Road;

15 Ashley Road and

9 Lock Road.

There also appears to be an Old Red Lion Inn on Lock Road in one of the posted photos.


Hi moddsey, well spotted. Here is a photo from 1973 showing Lock Road with the Old Red Lion Inn.

Old Red Lion Inn, Lock Road 1973
Old Red Lion Inn, Lock Road 1973, by Klaus

I have created places for the subsequent generations of the Red Lion Inn based on posted photos, information from travel guides and matchbox labels.