13 Sep 1943, Diary of George Gerrard in Stanley Internment Camp Hong Kong

Submitted by Alison Gerrard on Wed, 02/27/2019 - 12:39

Yesterday afternoon we had the greatest thrill of our internment when about a dozen P38 Lockheed twin engine fighters came over the camp and did aerobatics, victory rolls and such like and one plane flew very low at the Gendarmerie headquarters and opened up his machine gun on it. Evidently the Nips. got the shock of their lives.

I was in church and the minister was just about to start his sermon on sin when the lads came along. There was a helter skelter everybody rushing about. I beat the Rev. F. Short to the door by a short length. It was great. We heard later (today) that the planes were over Happy Valley when the races were on and created great disorder there.

We have also heard tonight of great Russian advances and it may be that the airmen were telling us of the great news. The news of Italy's complete capitulation has set us all agog with excitement and we all hope that our day of release may not be far distant.

The weather is now mild and cool at night-time and in the mornings but the coolness makes our appetites keener and we could take twice the quantity we get of chow.

Parcels have started to come in again and tonight I got two, one from Lo Fung and Young Lo containing 1 tin fish, one bean curd, 2 tins yellow beans, and 1 tin pineapple (all Chinese made) and for this we are very grateful, also one from Mai Lee Ironworks containing 1 tin condensed milk, 1 tin of corned mutton, 1 packet sugar, one cake soap, one toothbrush and one towel. All the foodstuffs of course go into the mess pool. The soap I used myself also the toothbrush and the M.D.M. got the small towel.

My weight remains very steady just now about 155lbs which is not bad considering everything. Actually I feel fairly fit except that I often get cramps in my legs at night which is of course due to under nutrition.

The Canadians and a few Americans sail next week by the 'Teia Meru'. They are lucky. They are not being allowed to take papers or books, other than bible and a little passport all other papers such as marriage lines and other certificates are absolutely taboo. The Nips. are funny people all right.

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