Looking for Alex Butterworth

Submitted by Rebecca Butterworth on Sun, 02/24/2019 - 18:07
Marie Butterworth circa 1965.jpeg
Marie.jpeg, by Rebecca Butterworth
Alex Butterworth.jpeg
Alex Butterworth.jpeg, by Rebecca Butterworth


I'm searching for my husband's half brother, Alex Butterworth.  Alex was born in Hong Kong in 1966, father John Butterworth,  mother Marie (Maria?).  We do not know his mother's maiden name unfortunately.   Any information or assistance would be greatly appreciated.




So I thank I have to call you Aunty Rebecca :) why now looking for me ?? I don't know my father much and his family !

The last thing I remember of him ,  was farewell to him on a big Ship !! And at that moment I did not know he was leaving us and go to Australia !

Hi Alexander, 

I am one of your father's daughter in laws....so not your Aunty.  My husband is your half brother.  My husband and his brothers were not aware that you existed until 2019 and I have been looking since then.  

Can you send me some more information about yourself and your family and if you have done a DNA test?  Via my Ancestry page is fine if you don't want to share publicly :)

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!