Looking for my long lost nephew Alexander Butterworth

Submitted by mikebutt on Tue, 11/07/2017 - 17:18

I am looking to contact my nephew Alexander Butterworth who was born in 1966 to my Brother John Butterworth.

Alex's mother who has the christian name of Marie

If anyone knows of or about him, please reply.or contact myself via email  mike@mikebutterworth.com

Thanks Mike Butterworth

I cannot help you, Mike in your search, but I think I remember a John Butterworth who was with me in KG5 school in 1954-56. Would this be him?


Eric Lloyd

Hi Eric

Thanks for your post and yes he was your classmate, I last saw him in 1966 and have never been able to contact him since. Have found out just recently that he passed away in 2011 aged 69 in Australia.

Best Regards


Hi Mike, 

Thanks for your quick reply. I am sorry to hear that John had passed away, especially as you had not had contact for 45 years. I still remember him and many others from those times, even after nearly 60 years. 

I wish you luck in your quest for your nephew.

Kind regards,

Eric Lloyd

Hi Mike,

Apologies if you know this already. 

Is this John Butterworth (6th August 1942-30th March 2011) who died in Newcastle and buried at Catherine Hill Bay Cemetery your John Butterworth? He seems to have a whole new family in Australia. 


If so, there is a contact address and email for the above organizaion. They may have infomation that can connect you or help you locate John's current family who hopefully can give you further information about John's life and some clues about Alex. 


His funeral notice was published in the Newcastle Herald on 2nd April 2011. Again worth contacting the newspaper to get a copy of the funeral notice. 

If Alex is difficult to trace it's possible he may have taken up his mother's surname. Any other information about Marie? 




Hi David

Yes, that is correct with your dates etc.

Alex may have adopted his mother's name but I dont have Marie's surname and I am in contact with John's family in Newcastle....with 3 sons. Michael, his number 2 son was over in Scotland with family last September.

I have yet to meet his other 2 sons and and wife who all live in and around Newcastle.