Fares - Tram and Ferry

Submitted by JohnA on Mon, 02/11/2019 - 08:07

I should know this but can't remember.

What were the upper and lower deck fares on the trams? Did childrem pay half fares? I presume there were conductors on both decks.

When were the conductors replaced by cash receptacles?

Same questions for the Star Ferry - except of course there were no conductors. When did tokens replace cash?

Was the Yaumati Ferry fare the same as the Star Ferry?



Hi John,

Unless my memory is playing tricks the fares in 1957/8 were the same for the trams and the Star ferries:

Trams first class upstairs at 20p (a better view of the street scenes) and second class downstairs at 10p

Star ferries first class upper deck 20p and second class lower deck at 10p - and a much more interesting way to cross the harbour.

Regards, Andrew



Hi John,

Apologies for the mistake.  Yes, it should have been 20c and 10c. I see in one of my letters home that the return fare on the Peak Tram was HK$1.20 in 1957.  What is it now - HK$20?   I'm unsure whether that was the normal fare or a special price for service personnel.  We enjoyed half price concession in the cinemas.

Regards,  Andrew