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20 Peak Road [????-????]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists

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Hi David,

Both Google Map and GeoInfoMap showed the site had been demolished but in GeoInfo Map, there is a layout of houses.  Maybe a developer had submitted something to the Lands Office?

It also shows IL 6372.

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Thanks T, I remember walking along Dutch Lane a few years back and there was demolition work going on further up the slope, so I think this must be gone. I've set it to "Demolished".

The original house was built in 1948, and has been owned by the Shang's family since 1986.

It was demolished around December 2015 by new owner to make way for new development according to news.

I had assumed this building was some ruined military installation due to its blocky appearance in the Hedda Morrison photo below, but now i realize it was just unfinished. It looks like construction began before the war 

Looking across the harbour to Kai Tak
WCI HDA Looking across the harbour to Kai Tak 1946-47.jpg, by Hedda Morrison