Frank HILL [c.1888-????] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Frank HILL [c.1888-????]

c.1888-01-01 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)


Was he a prison officer?

John Black's list has him as an engineer, born c.1885.

(The prison officer is F N Hill, at

Hill. F. 54, Chief Engineer, Jardine’s WMH

Hong Kong Dockyard Defence Corps

F Hill Private (Merchant Navy)

31st October 1945 Frank Hill age 57 chief engineer arrived in Southampton on the Ile de France along with other ex- POWs  mainly from Japan. He is listed as from China.



1925 Frank Hill married Mary Elizabeth Harris nee Dove in Cardiff

1925 Outgoing passenger list London to Hong Kong  Frank Hill marine engineer age 36 and Mrs Marry E Hill age 42 address in UK Romfriey Castle Hotel Cardiff

Outging passsenger list 1931 London to China Mary Elizabeth Hill age 48 and Elaine Hill age 4

Outgoing passenger list 1937 London to China Frank Hill 49 Marine Engineer address in UK London SE27

Outgoing passenger list 1938 Mary Elizabeth Hill age 37 and Elaine Hill age 10 address in UK 37 Hamilton Road London SE27

1945 Ile de France carrying ex-POWs from Halifax Canada to Southampton

Frank Hill age 57 "from China" most of the POWs "from Japan"

1945 passenger list Manila to SanFranciso

Mary E Hill age 62 and Elaine Hill student born Shanghai

UK Death Index Frank Hill born about 1888 died in Cardiff 1945 ?

UK Death Index Frank Hill born about 1888 died in Camberwell London SE7 1946?