01 May 1943, Diary of George Gerrard in Stanley Internment Camp Hong Kong

Submitted by Alison Gerrard on Sun, 12/09/2018 - 14:02

Last Saturday evening we were suddenly told that there would be a blackout and we had to make the best arrangement we could which is difficult in hot weather, but even before 10 o'clock the guards came round and made us put out our lights altogether. Then the authorities got nasty with the poor results of the blackout during the next two days until we finally had to put out the lights at sunset, which made conditions rather miserable. However they finally withdrew the ban on Friday and so we are back to normal conditions again.

One of the rooms had a gramophone and kept us amused and cheered with funny records such as Max Miller etc.

Last Sunday was Easter Sunday and I went to the 7 o'clock service taken by Sandbeck and at the 10 o'clock service I was a sideman it was a special service taken by five of the ministers. Downie not preaching just now as he has had all his teeth out. ((Possibly James Downie Thomson, though he was a manager at Dairy Farm before the war, not a priest.))

D.B.B. and I went to the hospital to help H. Smith bring his clothes and bedding up here as he was discharged today. When one goes to hospital you have to take blankets and pillows with you as the hospital is so short, so your mug, spoons and plate, sugar if you have any and any tit bits of your own.

Last week a coroners inquest was held into the death of a Mrs Evans who died on the operating table due to the lack of oxygen, which the Authorities wont supply to the hospital. Dr H.Talbot has been arrested and put into the prison. It is said that he has received a sentence of 18 months and Grayburn has received 4 years. so Bidweed one of the internees who escaped a year ago and was caught with three others has died in prison. ((That sounds like Kenneth Bidmead, though in fact he survived the war and lived until 2007.))

On Monday I went to our engineering lecture on Charter Party and it was most interesting. J.F., D.B.B. and I have our usual walk at night and tonight D.B.B. and I went to J.F. for a cup of instant postain and a biscuit and had our usual yarn.

We have been told that we can write a 200 word letter which will be dated 30th April and it is expected that we will be able to write monthly and by backdating the letter we'll be able to send one for May. This is jolly nice to think about.

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