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Royal Warwickshire 1961 queens hill camp, fanling

Looking for men serving national service with my dad, Roland Pratt, in Hong Kong. He joined as Royal Warwicks then they amalgamated to fusiliers during 1960 to 61.

Roland Pratt in the foreground

Roland Pratt in the foreground, by T Pratt


He was in B company. He can remember changing his cap badge on parade. They also helped to build a path for a local school on Lamma island.

Stone listing names of those that built path on Lamma island in August 1961

Stone listing names of those that built path on Lamma island in August 1961, by T Pratt


It's worth typing out the text from the stone into a comment here - then if one of these men is searching for their name in Google there is a chance they will find this page.

I'm not sure about the date of the changeover. Wikipedia, with sources (The Times of London mainly), claims that they became the Royal Warwickshire Fusiliers on 1 May 1963

Just noticed the name of Sgt Harrold on the commemorative stone. Sgt Harrold was our training sergeant in 1959 at Budbrooke Barracks, Warwick. He came out later to join the Battalion in Hong Kong.  Harrold was a brilliant drill instructor and we won Best Platoon due to his discipline. No-one who trained under Carl Harrold would forget him - he brooked no nonsense yet we all respected him. I wonder if he is still with us? Anyone know?

Mention is made here of a stone plaque commemorating the completion of a path built by the Briitish Army from Mo Tat Wan to Tung O on Lamma Island. I think it is the same plaque. Perhaps a Lamma resident can post a current picture of it.

Here are the photos to go with the post that Moddsey mentioned:

IMG_20200126_171935826.jpg, by Leung Po Shan Anthony


1962-06-06_華僑_英砲兵團協助南丫興建模達村新路(圖).png, by 華僑日報1962-06-06


The plaque in the modern tablet is different from the one in the photo shown at the top of the page, so it looks as though the Royal Warwicks did more than one project on Lamma.

As has been mentioned before, the Heading of this thread is misleading and ought to be changed  I served with the Royal Warwickshire Regiment from 1959 to 1962 and as far as I know the Regiment did not become Fusileers until 1963.  Another great Regiment that lost its name and identity due to misguided government interference.

It is my Dad that is in the photograph. He was in HongKong until 1962 with regiment. 

I served in Headquarters Company at Queenshill Camp and I'm pretty sure I remember seeing your Dad around the Camp at times. I'm still in regular touch with many old friends from HQ Company but it was a big regiment and it was impossible to remember everybody.  As your Dad served under Sgt Harrold he was in very capable hands and no doubt he told you of his experiences in that wonderful posting.  Sorry I cannot be more helpful

T. Pratt:  is your father still alive?  Just to say that a friend (now living in Canada and a former Royal Warwick) went to school with your father in Coventry. He said your father was good at cross-country and swimming.  He again met your father in Hong Kong whilst they were both doing National Service but only spoke to him briefly. His name is Maurice Elcocks. If your father is still alive he may remember Mr Elcocks.

Yes he is doing well. I took him and my mum to Hong Kong for a holiday and visit in October 2018.



Hi again, my dad does remember Maurice, he asked me to ask you if Maurice was a good breaststroke swimmer he remembers from his school days. 

Hi there, yes, your father remembers correctly. Maurice Elcocks was in the same swimming team that won the Coventry Schools Shield back in 1954 !!  I have a photo of Maurice in 1961 drinking at a cafe at Fanling Railway Station. Your father would remember all that. It's a small world!  We keep in regular touch with a number of ex Royal Warwicks and ocasionally meet up (but not in Canada) smiley  Anyway, give our regards to your Dad!  Incidentally, following demob from the Warwicks I went back to Hong Kong and China importing Chinese Arts & Crafts. Eventually we had branches  at Derby, Glagow and London. So, the Hong Kong experience paid big dividends later in life!

Hi there T.Pratt,  a friend of your father's from school days and from army days wishes to make contact. He is Maurice Elcocks who now lives in Canada. He has an excellent photo of your father and himself in the School Swimming Team. He would love to speak by phone with your father or by email if preferred. If your father wants to make contact with Maurice please supply contact details or, if you prefer I can forward Maurice's email address. You were looking for men who did National Service with your father so now it's up to you.


My dads contact phone number is 0044 2476367239. It may be easier to ring him first, as he uses email infrequently, still dragging my parents into the 21st century, but they are getting better.

His email is


Kind regards 



Hello Tracey,

Thank you for your dad's contact information. I have forwarded this to Maurice in Canada and he will be delighted to give your father a ring. I'm pleased that between us we have arranged contact between your father and Maurice and no doubt they will both enjoy reminiscing about their youth and army experiences.  Thanks again.


Bill Holmes.