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Royal Warwickshire Regiment Stone (1961) [????- ]

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Unable to spot it today, perhaps I've overlooked it. Is it close to the path? Most of the time I kept my attention towards the hillside, ie, my left hand side, while leaving the Yung Shu Ha for Mo Tat Old Village. I did noticed a few stones but they  didn't look like the one in the picture.

So the stone is located between the stairs on the right going uphill to a flat top, and a row of ruins of stone huts?

If one is arriving from Sok Kwu Wan take the left trail from the ferry pier, the stone marker will be on your right i.e between Mo Tat Wan Village Public Toilets and Yung Shue Ha Beach.  Google path view here of the stone for directions.

Oh, then it seems that I have noticed the stone but not the inscription, we were hurrying along for the ferry.

Next time I will use the lampposts 32825+6 and the benches as reference.