St. Johns Hospital Cheung Chan 1934

Submitted by 2ik7ns-AW_ on Sun, 09/23/2018 - 17:59

Can I thank the Gwulo community for identifying my incorrectly title post for the Hospital.

I have recently discovered one or two postcards with Hong Kong written on the back and some old photographs.

I am not aware of the origins of the collection but had assumed that they might all be of Hong Kong. I shall upload

a few more pictures to the site shortly. I hope these will be of interest and possibly the community might be able to identify some of them.

I'm looking forward to seeing the photos, and hopefully we'll be able to work out where they were taken.

Please can you tell us anything about their original owner?


I refer to your recent post and apologise for the slight delay with a reply.

The photographs are currently owned by my family, Whilst these were discovered recently and we were not aware of their existance; it is thought that they have been in the family for a considerable length of time. However I am unable to provide you with any information on who took the photographs as we have no records.

The few postcards, in the collection, have no manufacturer and no other details of who originally took the pictures.

If this creates an issue, please withdraw the current submitted picture and delete all references on your site and I shall not submit any further photographs or other material.

There are no issues with ownership or copyright as they are so old, so please continue posting the photos.

I was just curious if you knew who owned them originally, to see if we could add any more to the photo's story. (eg were they a doctor who worked at the hospital, or a missionary living on Cheung Chau, etc.). But no problem if we don't know.

Regards, David