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J.G.B. (Gordon) DEWAR [????-????]

J.G.B. (Gordon)

Gordon Dewar was quite senior in the HK Volunteer Defence force. He, and probably his family, had a long connection with Shanghai and Hong Kong.

He talked in the 1940s of a radio they had hidden in Shamshuipo POW camp, which was never discovered. He would not divulge where it had been hidden - no doubt there was a pact among those in the know "in case the (obviously ingenious) location needed to be used again in the future". Probably not a preposterous thought given the situation in China in those years.

In camp, some of the Taikoo Dockyard staff including Gordon designed a futuristic and (it was hoped) really fast harbour launch, which was built at the dockyard after the war - but never quite fulfilled the high hopes they had for it. 

In late 1945 and early 1946 Gordon, along with some others, scoured the hills behind Taikoo for abandoned rifles etc, and buried them out of harm's way.

After the war Gordon and his wife June lived at The Bungalow, above Stanley Terrace. 


John Gordon Baxter Dewar appears in a photo of the 31 March 1923 interport game between Shanghai and Tientsin shown at the bottom of this page: http://www.treatyportsport.com/focken--f-j-w---1922---1935-.html