Shamshuipo POW Camp - HK Volunteer Defence Force POWs

Submitted by agwellstead@gm… on Sat, 06/16/2018 - 13:16

To complement the vast amount of information regarding the Stanley camp internees, it would be useful to document on Gwulo any remaining first and second hand memories from Shamshuipo of HK Volunteers POW experiences, anecdotes, and other details, - before there is no-one left to do so.

It may already be too late to get a lot of info, but I have made a start with the little I know of Robert Main's experiences in camp, and subsequently with postwar reconstruction. 

There is also something I can add that I got from J.G.B (Gordon) Dewar in the 1940s - could he be the "Major Dewar" mentioned elsewhere on Gwulo ? 

- Geoff Wellstead

Thanks Geoff, fingers crossed we get some more memories added.

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