04 Jan 1942, P. O. W. and ESCAPE DIARY.

Submitted by emride on Mon, 01/22/2018 - 14:11

Cloudy morning, but fortunately not windy.  A few more cases of dysentery admitted to hosp today.  Camp sanitation far from satisfactory yet.  Large number of Indians marched out of camp today being sent either to Gun Club Hill or Argyle St.  Waited all afternoon for the promised medical supplies but they did not come.  Cooked some of the rice left over from bkfst for lunch, quite a good meal.  Discussed important affairs with Barrow who is of the same general opinion as I am but has different ideas of the best method of execution. 

Inspected camp at 1500 hrs still very unsatisfactory.  Suggested at the next commander’s meeting that each A.D. Comdr allot cook houses, ablution sheds and latrines to the subsidiary units or huts, and that police be appointed at the ablution sheds to see that mess tins are cleaned into provided receptacles and not tipped into drains.  Sub. Units should appoint orderly officers to visit huts etc after meals and inspect gutters.  Small dumps of refuse not to be left lying near gutters, but to be taken to the incinerator.  Arranged for Brig Peffers to inspect hospital daily at 1115 hrs. 

Clear night, moon rose at 2015 hrs.  Low tide about 1400 hrs.  No sign of Lt Sawamoto and the promised equipment.  Went all round camp again after dark, making note of important affairs.  Visited pier at 2200 hrs.  OK.  Rice for dinner.

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