The old Kennedy Road British School that was demolished probably 1952

Submitted by Ngaire Atkinson on Thu, 01/18/2018 - 13:32

Does any one remember this school?  I understood it was closed and we all moved to a newly built Peak School which I attended for one term?

I remember we were not allowed to use the upstairs verandaahs  because they were considered unsafe and I always thought the building was going to be demolished.  I suppose a school of 60 students is very small and maybe not have been considered economically efficient.. I remember that from the road we went up a flight of steps and there was a field or grass playground on the right on the way up to the school building.  I looked up 28 Kennedy Road on Google Earth to see if I could recognise the building but it was a bit difficult.

i went to this school c1952 and on to the Peak School eventually. We lived at government flats on Kennedy Rd not far from the Peak Tram station there. I remember a shop on the same side of the road as the school, but not much else. Did Mrs Crozier teach at Kennedy Rd before going on to the Peak School?

Yes - at Kennedy Road briefly, moving on to a kindergarten at the Albany flats later, presumably when KR closed. I went to Peak School twice I think, once when very young, then again in Class 10 when returning from leave in the UK. My older brother also attended KR and the Peak School. It is a long time ago and I can’t always remember the order of things, though I have visual memory of all the schools except KR. I was only four years old. I remember the shop on Kennedy Road though - a real ‘hole in the wall’ place that sold little plastic cap guns at 10c!

Our second daughter attennded the school between 1972 and 1974 and I remember a very sympathic teacher she had, Miss Robinson. The chidren used to refer to KRJS as King Rotten Jelly Sandwich. I guess it made sense to a six year old but I never got the joke! 

I used to stop at the little shop tucked into a   garage space near the school to pick up the occasional loaf of bread on my climb  from Central back up to 6M Bowen Road. Good exercise. 

I was back in HK in November after a very long absence and took a look at Kennedy Road but did not recognize the school  as still standing.  Nick