Public Works Department Store off Praya East [1900-????]

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Notes from Herostratus:

[This new Public Works Department store replaced the] Crosby Store near Theatre Lane in Central. The new store was completed in early 1900. Here it is on the 1901 map:

1900s Wanchai Praya
1900s Wanchai Praya, by Public Works Department


From the 1899 PWD Report:

36. Public Works Extraordinary

(ii.) Public Works Department Store: - The various buildings comprised under this heading are being erected in the eastern section of Wanchai Store-yard. They consist of a large two storey building, a series of low sheds, roofed in and open along the front, and quarters for an overseer. The whole of the works are nearing completion.


From the 1900 PWD Report:

23. The Public Works Department Store at Wanchai was completed early in the year, the total cost being; $17,843.96. To it all the stores previously kept at Crosby Store and the rented building on Praya East were removed and then properly arranged and catalogued. The Storekeeper lives in the quarters built on the premises, and the work has proved a great success in every way, except that already more room is required.


The Store lasted until the reclamation of the 1920s, later being relocated to a spot on Lockhart Road and between the Royal Naval Hospital and the remains of Morrison Hill. 

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