Gospel Hall, Pedder Street [????-????]

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Current condition
Demolished / No longer exists

It was at numbers 10 & 12, Pedder Street, next to the General Post Office. It is mentioned in footnote 733 to Stuart Braga's thesis about his family:

733 The Church Notices in the South China Morning Post, 7 February 1920 detail the weekly activities of what appears to have been a thriving religious community: ‘Gospel Hall, 10 and 12 Pedder Street – Sunday. Breaking of Bread for Believers only 11 a.m., Gospel Meeting 7 p.m.; Tuesday, Study of Scripture 5.30 p.m.; Thursday, Study of Scripture 8 p.m.; Friday, Ladies’ Bible Class 5.30 p.m.; Saturday, Prayer and Praise Meeting 7-8 p.m.’


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