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Arthur Woo Nursing Home / Babington Hospital and Sanatorium [????-????]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists

23-25 Babington Path.

The index to the 1945 map (see item #3) lists this as the "Arthur Woo Nursing Home", named after Doctor Arthur Woo.

The 1948 Telephone directory calls it the "Babington Hospital & Sanatorium".

Photos that show this place



On the early 1950s street Map Nos 23-25 Babington Path are on upper Babington, where the construction site to the East of Shiu Ching Court is.

Thanks for the correction. I've updated the marker's position.

Henry Ching writes:

Yes, I think the marker is now reasonably accurate.  The nursing home was immediately next to and west of the Woo family residence, a large two-storey house near the top end of Babington Path.  I spent several short stays in the nursing home at various times, the longest period being to keep my eldest sister company when she had her appendix removed in 1942.  We enjoyed the meals sent over from next door by Dr Woo’s wife  (we called her Auntie May – she was Chinese Australian and came from Sydney).
Regards - Henry

I think the Woo family residence would have either been Westly/Largo or Mount Richmond/Dethick, the only two old houses in the vicinity. The Westly building is right next door. Here is a photo of the area in 1945:

Mid-Levels 1945
Mid-Levels 1945, by Arthur Fiddament