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Apartments located in Magazine Gap Rd

Hi All

does anyone know what has happened to the apartments in Magazine Gap rd. I remember you had to reach the flats by travelling in this old lift going up at a 45 degree angle.




See Japanese War Memorial postings and pictures including angled lift/elevator

We lived at the top of Magazine Gap Road in an apartment block owned I think by Mollers who my father worked for so am wondering which apartments you mean.  I don't remember any lifts like that.

The apartment block we lived in was called Cameron House, 519 The Peak.  While we were living there some new buildings went up on the left of where we lived.  Maybe they were Cameron Mansions.

There's still a building called Cameron House in that area:

The current building dates from 1983, but is likely built on the site of the older building you remember. Any chance you have any photos of it you can upload for us to see?

Yes, I visited the site about 10 years ago after an absence of  50 years and it was quite freaky finding a different apartment building where the one I remembered had stood but also seeing that the garaging arrangements were the same.  I don't think I have any photographs but I will look.  

I've made a page for the old Cameron House at so we can collect any photos / memories of the building there.

Thanks, very much David.

Where will I find these postings/pictures?

Here are links to a photo of the angled lift (

And pages for the current ( and previous ( generations of Cameron House.