Book Launch

Submitted by David on Wed, 04/26/2017 - 18:20

Congratulations to Patricia for a very successful book launch last night.

The launch was hosted by the Irish Consulate here in Hong Kong, and they did a marvellous job. Here's their Consul General, Peter Ryan, giving an introduction:

Book launch 1


Patricia also spoke, telling us about the "Fairytale beginning" to the whole project:

Book launch 2


Then it was time to for me to catch a photo with the stars of the evening, Patricia and her new book:

Book launch 3

More information about Patricia's book: Policing Hong Kong – An Irish History

More congratulations from London! Patricia, you are an inspiration to me and a model of systematic diligence and determination. Looking forward to your next book!


Well Done,Patricia.....worth all the hard work.

Can't see any Jameson's or Bushmills in the picture!

Regards Mike