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Book Launch

Congratulations to Patricia for a very successful book launch last night.

The launch was hosted by the Irish Consulate here in Hong Kong, and they did a marvellous job. Here's their Consul General, Peter Ryan, giving an introduction:

Book launch 1


Patricia also spoke, telling us about the "Fairytale beginning" to the whole project:

Book launch 2


Then it was time to for me to catch a photo with the stars of the evening, Patricia and her new book:

Book launch 3

More information about Patricia's book: Policing Hong Kong – An Irish History


Congrats to Patricia, all that hard work paying off.

More congratulations from London! Patricia, you are an inspiration to me and a model of systematic diligence and determination. Looking forward to your next book!


Well done!



Well Done,Patricia.....worth all the hard work.

Can't see any Jameson's or Bushmills in the picture!

Regards Mike