New feature: Add area-outlines to Places | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

New feature: Add area-outlines to Places

We'll need:

  1. A new field to store the outline
  2. A way to enter a new outline and to edit an existing outline
  3. new map type that displays outline. (Don't think we'll want it on the general map as it will slow performance)
  4. Ideally a click within the outline shows the pop-up, but otherwise rely on marker.

An example Place showing an outline defined:

And instructions for how to use the feature to add an outline to your Place pages:

Great feature. Do you see this as something for every building/lot or more for the larger areas that may contain many places?

Good question!

Most Places won't have an outline defined. A typical building's location is shown well by the ordinary marker, and adding an outline just takes extra work without adding much information.

Examples of larger areas where an outline could be useful include:

  • large buildings (eg HSBC HQ) where the land used has changed between generations
  • districts
  • reclamations
  • military sites
  • sites of disasters, eg landslides or fires