16 Aug 1945, INTERNED - DECEMBER 1941 | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

16 Aug 1945, INTERNED - DECEMBER 1941

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Thu, 16 Aug 1945

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There were so many rumours about the ending of the war that in the end we didn't believe that it was true, until the Japanese gave us each a toilet roll!  Henceforth it was called the Victory Roll!  The next two weeks were quite extraordinary; the Japanese had surrendered, but there was no sign of the Allies.  Dropping the Atom Bomb on Japan ended the war immediately, and our navy had to steam up from Australia to take over.  In the meantime our police force took charge of running the Colony.  It was absolutely wonderful when the sailors came into the camp...they looked so enormous to us who were so weak and lean!  No sailor came empty handed; for the first time there was toothpaste, soap, etc.  Carmen and I decided to walk up to the camp gates which we had not seen for the duration of the war.  It was guarded by one of our own sailors, so we asked him if we could just walk out; and he replied: "You may walk wherever you please".  Freedom at last, and what joy!

Lots of food was sent into the camp including meat, but our stomachs had become so weakened and small that the meat made us very sick.