22 Sep 1945, INTERNED - DECEMBER 1941 | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

22 Sep 1945, INTERNED - DECEMBER 1941

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Sat, 22 Sep 1945

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Some Australian mine-sweepers were sent to pick us up and take us back into Hong Kong harbour.  There was a slight swell as we boarded and I am a bad sailor so I lay on the deck.  Presently a big, burly, Australian sailor came along with a pillow and a blanket, and put my head on the pillow and covered me with the blanket; it touched my heart.

Once in the harbour we were transferred onto a British Aircraft Carrier, where all the officers had given up their cabins to the women, and the petty officers to the men.  We set sail for Colombo; the first part of our voyage to London.