Searching for people with the last name of (Heang)

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Hello everyone,

I am hoping someone will be able to help me please? I am searching for anyone with the last name of Heang, as my Cousin in Brisbane, Queensland is the Son of William James Heang born in Townsville on November 11 1922. His Father was William Joseph Heang, born on September 13 1889 in Portland, Tasmania, Australia.

Finally his Father was James Chin or Chen Heang who was born in Kew, Victoria, Australia in 1844 and married to Margaret Jane Evens, who was born in 1860. We know that both of their parents came from Hong Kong, but are unable to find any information about them. I hope someone will be able to assist us please?

Kindest regards,

Phillip Moon (also part Chinese from the Moon Family and Williams Cousin.


Hi Phillip

There are some Heangs mentioned on Gwulo:


There is a Lillian Eva Heang here who was born in 1887 and interned in Stanley during WW2

Arthur Ernest Heang was baptised on 3rd April 1898 in St John's Cathedral

A Louisa Heang is mentioned here who was Lillian's sister.  A record of Louisa's marriage on 20th May 1899 is here. Louisa was interned along with her sister and three daughters. A son William died in a Japanese POW camp in March 1944.


Margret Jane Heang, the wife of James Heang is buried in Happy Valley Cemetery. She died 11th February 1899 aged 39 years.


Hope this helps.

Thank you so much for passing on the information.

I have looked up Lillian Eve Heang born in 1887, but I have her born in Tasmania Australia on July 4th 1887. Her parents were James Chen Heang born in 1844 but no place name given, so he could have been born in Hong Kong as I can't find his parents. He passed away in Kew, Victoria in 1891 and Margaret Jane Evens was his wife and born in 1860 (again no place name given)?

I did find Louisa Heang and her marriage date is correct. Her and her Husband were married in Hong Kong and this is what I have; (married May 20 1899 in Victoria 5109 Hong Kong). They had seven children including William who you mentioned died in a Japanese P.O.W. camp. Do you happen to know which camp he died in please?

You mentioned as well that Lillian Eve Heang was born in 1887, do you happen to know if she was married at all because I can't find a Husband, plus which children were interned with Louisa and Lillian? Would they happen to be Gladys - Evelyn and Margaret? I also have Phyllis, Iris and the other son was Reginald.

I can't seem to find the gentleman Arthur Earnest Heang at all. Do you know who his parets were at all please?

With the Happy Valley Cemetery, is that the one with the following information; Wan Chai, Hong Kong. Formally Hong Kong Colonial Cemetery that is dated way back in 1845?

One last thing, do you have any photos of the Heang's at all as even William the sole surviving Heang (my Cousin), doesn't have any at all. Is there an address where William could contact to try and get copies of Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates at all?

I wish I could find information about my Great, Grandfather (Charles Lee Sing Moon), born in 1858 in Canton, Shinde, Quandong, China who married Annie Rachael Lambert on May 17 1884 here in Australia. Plus especially his parents and their parents etc.

All I have of my Great, Great Granfather is his name was (Yen Chong) born in 1870, Canton, China. He married (Gee Yeon) from Canton, China. That's all the information on them I have accept Yen was a Gardener. 

You have been so helpful my friend I can't thank you enough. smiley

Kindest regards,

Phillip Moon

Hi Philip

This is the information posted re Phyllis by Philip Cracknell in the other thread. I have no information about Arthur other than his birth date. Happy Valley cemetery is the main cemetery in Hong Kong adjacent to the race course

She was born 31st March 1909. She was one of seven children of William Henry Woolley and Louisa Clara Heang Woolley who married in Hong Kong in 1899. WH Woolley died in 1920. Louisa was in Stanley Camp with her sister Lillian Eva Heang, two unmarried daughters Phyllis Rainey Woolley and Evelyn Stokes Wooley and married daughter Iris Lillian Joyce. A son William John Woolley was a Sgt in HKVDC (Pay Corps) and died in POW Camp in March 1944.

Philip Cracknell

Dear Phillip,

My name is Heather Almond. I was recently looking for information on my great uncle William Woolley who died in an internment camp in Hong Kong in 1944 when I came across your posting from three years ago. I recognise all the names that were mentioned, Margaret Evans, Louisa and Lillian Evans and my great-aunts (Phyllis, Eve and Iris) and my great uncle Reg. Gladys Woolley was my paternal grandmother. So I guess we might be related!!

I have a cousin in New Zealand (Helen Bullivant) who has done quite a lot of family research and with what little I know, if you need any more details, I would be absolutely delighted to hear from you!

With very best wishes,


Heather Almond

Hello Heather,

It's great to hear from you My distant cousin.

William Woolley is related to me and is listed as; as a cousin of the husband of an Aunt of Phillip Moon.


My cousin William Heang is related to William as; First cousin once removed.

I would love to hear from you as well, I live in Chermside, Brisbane and my phone numbers are (07) 3162 6366 or 0407 507 553.

I look forward to hearing from you,

kindest regards,

Phil and Glenda